Чит коды на Harvest Moon 3 (NGB)

Hint: Unlimited money
Note: This trick requires any number of two objects, for example a
Cherry and an Egg. First, call the Farmers Union and select your
first item (Cherry). When asked to specify the amount, press Down,
B. Select your other item (Egg) and press Down. You will have one
item less than the first item (Cherry). Sell these to the Farmers
Union. Call them again and you will have about 50 of the second item
(Egg). Select your second item (Egg) and press Down until you have 0.
Press Down again and you will have 99 of that item. Sell them, or you
will lose them. After you sell them, you will have about 20. Repeat
the trick.

Hint: Hidden money
When you start the game, turn around to look at the fireplace. Walk
to it and press A to pick up the savings from inside the fireplace.

Hint: Extra money
When you start the game, get the money from the fireplace. Plow all
the ground out in the field and in its place, grow grass. It should
only take one day and you will have more than 7,000.

Hint: Unlimited fruits and vegetables
Go to the grassland and pick all the fruits and vegetables there.
Leave, then return. The fruits and vegetables you just picked should
be there again. You can pick them until your inventory is full. Go
home and put them into your storage area to sell. You can repeat
this several times.

Hint: Chickens
Chickens are the cheapest and the first animals that you should buy.
Only buy one male, because they are worthless. Once all the chicks are
hatched, sell the male and buy another female. They will lay an egg
every day and your wife may make it into Mayonnaise. Once they are at
ten hearts, wait a few days and they will become Golden. The Golden
Eggs are worth more, but do not make better mayonnaise. If you put
them out in the rain, even for a moment, the chickens will become
unhappy. If you forget to feed them or are unable to do so, they will
be unhappy for 3 days. They will not lay eggs while they are unhappy.
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