Чит коды на Harvest Moon 2 (NGB)

Hint: 1000 gold
Move next to your dresser near your bed, then press A.

Hint: All powerberries
All but one powerberry can be obtained on your farm in the
beginning of the game. Plow your field often. The last one
is across the river. You need to get one. It costs 200
lumber and 10,000 gold.

Hint: Avoiding hurricanes
During the month of Summer, check the television for weather
reports around the 11th and 21st. If the television says that
there will be a hurricane, the next morning go to Ken and ask
him for an estimate for a building. When you wake up the next
day, you will go out and Ken will talk to you. After that the
rest of the day will be normal, saving you from re-growing

Hint: Always have a sunny day
Note: This trick works only if you have not obtained all the building
extensions. Go to the builder, and ask him to build something.
The next day will always be sunny, no matter what weather forecast
appeared on the television.

Hint: Warp location
Go behind the Hot Springs. There is a location in a tree that you
can walk through. This will warp you to on the ranch, next to your
house. This can help bring berries to your bin faster.

Horse race mini-game
Enter a horse race. The horse race mini-game will be available for
purchase the next day at the Tool Shop.

Mole bash mini-game
Dig up a mole after 5 p.m. The mole bash mini-game will be available
for purchase the next day at the Tool Shop.

Puzzle mini-game
You can buy the puzzle game for your TV after completing the puzzle
in Mary's Treasure Hunt event.

Golden chicken
Trade a chicken using the trade menu in the library and it will become
a golden chicken. It lays eggs that sell for 500G and you can sell
golden chickens for 10,000G.
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