Чит коды на Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite (NGB)

Little Lamb Song:
This is your first Ham-Jam Song when you first start playing the game.

Sunflower Song:
Buy this song at the HM Boutique store in Sunflower Park.
Go to the Secret Garden and buy it for 25 Sunflower Seeds.

Strawberry mini-game:
To play, you must have the strawberry. Hiff-Hiff the area
where the hamster in the strawberry is located, then say
Hamha. Watch where the shadows are heading and go to that area.

How to Get Cappy Back to the Clubhouse:
You need to go to the ruins to make the hamster move to the
big hamster and get in the dish and he will pull you to the
top and then get out and go to the left there is a pole go
up the pole and there will be a family of hamsters eating a
picnic make them move by telling them the weather then they
will move then go in the hole and your in you need to get
above 130 points.

Where spats weakest spot in his robot:
Well when you do hamscope you hit him in the mouth first when
i tryed it took like 3 hour or pretty much a day but i restarded
it and it took me not even a minute os i beet the whole game if
u have any questions yoyu can ask at

Bolero song:
Go to the Ruins and Tack-Q the clock twice. A hamster will
appear and do ballet. Keep saying Clap-Clap to get the song.

Young 'n' Wild song:
Go to the Sunflower market and help the hamster stuck between t
he two boxes with Tuggie. He will give you a strawberry and a
new Ham-Ham word. Go to the isles and to the Strawberry Self.
Say Hiff-Hiff, then Hamha. Play the Strawberry mini-game and
get a perfect score of 6 to receive the song.
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