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Dragon Warrior Monsters (NGB)

Hint: Baramos:
Breed Hargon (pedigree) with Orochi.

Hint: Battlerex:
To get Battlerex without fighting him, breed a Crestpent
(Pedigree) with a Madknight.

Hint: Coalot:
Get a Pteranod and then get a Copycat from the Boss.
Breed them with Pteranod being the pedigree.

Hint: Coatal:
Breed a Sky Dragon (pedigree) and a Mad Knight.

Hint: Darkdrium:
Breed a Deathmore transformed that knows Ultradown (as
the pedigree) with a Mudou that knows Poisonair. That should
create a Deathmore final form. Have it learn Demagic Bigbang
and Focus. Then, mate it with a Watabou that knows Imitate and
Chance. This will create Darkdrium that can learn Thordain.

Hint: DeathMore:
Breed Mirudraas (pedigree) with Zoma.

Hint: DeathMore 2:
Breed DeathMore (pedigree) with Armorpion.

Hint: DeathMore 3rd:
Breed DeathMore 2 (pedigree) with Mudou.

Hint: DracoLord:
Breed Servant (pedigree) with Andreal.

Hint: DracoLord (transformed):
Breed Dracolord with Divinegon.

Hint: Dragonlord:
Breed Servant (pedigree) with Greatdrak.

Hint: Durran:
Breed Gold Golem with Centasaur (either can be pedigree).

Hint: Esterk:
Breed Pizzaro (pedigree) with KingLeo.

Hint: FlyingSlime:
Get the slime monster from Pulio at the start. Name it slib and
get a Dracky. Name it Rane and breed them. Make sure Rane (Dracky)
is the Pedigree.

Hint: Goldgolem:
Breed Iceman with Lavaman.

Hint: Goldslime:
Breed a GoldGolem with a Kingslime or Metalking.

Hint: GreatDrak:
Breed a Unicorn with any Dragon.

Hint: GulpBeast:
Breed a Yeti (pedigree) with a Puptripup.

Hint: Hargon:
Breed Whiteking (pedigree) with Metalking.

Hint: Jamirus:
Breed am Akubar with a Rainhawk. It does not matter which
one is the pedigree.

Hint: King Leo:
Breed Roboster with Gulpbeast.

Breed a Balzak (pedigree) with a Trumpeter. Note: This monster
is very strong. It can learn Firebolt Quad-Hits and more.

Hint: Kingslime:
Breed a Spotking (pedigree) with Centasaur.

Hint: Lipsy:
Breed Hornbeetle (pedigree) with Deadnoble as the breeder. This
monster can do up to 900 damage on a critical hit.

Breed a Digster (pedigree) with Hork.

Hint: MegaDrack:
Breed Dracolord (pedigree) with Wattabou.

Hint: Metalking:
Breed a Kingslime with a Metaldrak or Metable with a Metable.

Hint: Mirudraas:
Breed Esterk (pedigree) with Goldslime.

Hint: Mirrudras 2:
First, get two Metal Kings. You could breed two Mettables, but an
easier way is to breed a King Slime and a Metal Drak. After that,
breed the two Metal Kings to get Gold Slime. Get a Lava and Ice Man
and breed them to get a Gold Golem. Breed the Gold Golem with a
Centaur to get Durran. Get Sky Dragon and Orochi and Breed them to
get Divinegon. Breed Durran and Divinegon and to get Pizzaro. Get a
King Leo and breed it with Pizzaro to get Esterk. Breed Esterk with
Gold Slime to get Mirrudras. Get a Spikerous and breed it with
Mirrudras to get Mirrudras2.

Hint: Misty Wing:
Breed a Dracky (pedigree) and a Golem.

Hint: Mudou:
Breed Baramos (pedigree) with DarkHorn.

Hint: Orochi:
Breed Greatdrak with MedusaEye.

Hint: Pizzaro:
Breed Durran (pedigree) with Divinegon.

Hint: Rainhawk:
Breed Phoenix with Blizzardy.

Hint: Sidoh:
Breed Jamirus (pedigree) with Rosevine.

Hint: Sirloin:
Win Goopi's game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then, go up the stairs and
talk to the princess in the front of the room. She will ask to see a
Wing Slime. Get a Snaily and then a Bull Bird. Put the Snaily as the
Pedigree then breed them. After you get Wing Slime, go to her and
then she will give you a Sirloin.
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