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Dragon Warrior 2 (NGB)

Defeating Metaly
Go to a store and buy three torches. When you encounter a Metaly,
throw the three torches at it (if it does not run away before you
throw them).

Hint: Best equipment
Prince of Lorasia: Thunder Sword, Loto Armor, Loto Shield, Loto Helmet
Prince of Cannok: Falcon Sword, Magic Armor, Shield Of Strength
Princess of Moonbrook: Bolt Rod, Water Cloth.

Hint: Getting the dam key
Go to the town that is underground. You need the gold key to enter.
Then, go to the jail, open the right cell, and go to the wall where
there is a hole. Walk through the wall to get the dam key from the man.
Note: You also need the jail key.

Hint: Getting the gold key
Go to the town of Zalan Port where there are no men living there.
Talk to the dog in the top right and he will go and sit on it.
Leave and return to get the key where the dog was located.

Hint: Getting the jail key
Go to the town under ground. Note: You need gold key to enter.
Go to the item on the left and buy it. He will only sell two things.
Pick the slot that is blank. It will be the third slot.
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