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Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland (NGB)

Hint: Baramos:
Breed Hargon (pedigree) with Orochi.

Hint: Battlerex:
To get Battlerex without fighting him, breed a Crestpent
(Pedigree) with a Madknight.

Hint: Coalot:
Get a Pteranod and then get a Copycat from the Boss.
Breed them with Pteranod being the pedigree.

Hint: Coatal:
Breed a Sky Dragon (pedigree) and a Mad Knight.

Hint: Darkdrium:
Breed a Deathmore transformed that knows Ultradown (as
the pedigree) with a Mudou that knows Poisonair. That should
create a Deathmore final form. Have it learn Demagic Bigbang
and Focus. Then, mate it with a Watabou that knows Imitate and
Chance. This will create Darkdrium that can learn Thordain.

Hint: DeathMore:
Breed Mirudraas (pedigree) with Zoma.

Hint: DeathMore 2:
Breed DeathMore (pedigree) with Armorpion.

Hint: DeathMore 3rd:
Breed DeathMore 2 (pedigree) with Mudou.

Hint: DracoLord:
Breed Servant (pedigree) with Andreal.

Hint: DracoLord (transformed):
Breed Dracolord with Divinegon.

Hint: Dragonlord:
Breed Servant (pedigree) with Greatdrak.

Hint: Durran:
Breed Gold Golem with Centasaur (either can be pedigree).

Hint: Esterk:
Breed Pizzaro (pedigree) with KingLeo.

Hint: FlyingSlime:
Get the slime monster from Pulio at the start. Name it slib and
get a Dracky. Name it Rane and breed them. Make sure Rane (Dracky)
is the Pedigree.

Hint: Goldgolem:
Breed Iceman with Lavaman.

Hint: Goldslime:
Breed a GoldGolem with a Kingslime or Metalking.

Hint: GreatDrak:
Breed a Unicorn with any Dragon.

Hint: GulpBeast:
Breed a Yeti (pedigree) with a Puptripup.

Hint: Hargon:
Breed Whiteking (pedigree) with Metalking.

Hint: Jamirus:
Breed am Akubar with a Rainhawk. It does not matter which
one is the pedigree.

Hint: King Leo:
Breed Roboster with Gulpbeast.

Breed a Balzak (pedigree) with a Trumpeter. Note: This monster
is very strong. It can learn Firebolt Quad-Hits and more.

Hint: Kingslime:
Breed a Spotking (pedigree) with Centasaur.

Hint: Lipsy:
Breed Hornbeetle (pedigree) with Deadnoble as the breeder. This
monster can do up to 900 damage on a critical hit.

Breed a Digster (pedigree) with Hork.

Hint: MegaDrack:
Breed Dracolord (pedigree) with Wattabou.

Hint: Metalking:
Breed a Kingslime with a Metaldrak or Metable with a Metable.

Hint: Mirudraas:
Breed Esterk (pedigree) with Goldslime.

Hint: Mirrudras 2:
First, get two Metal Kings. You could breed two Mettables, but an
easier way is to breed a King Slime and a Metal Drak. After that,
breed the two Metal Kings to get Gold Slime. Get a Lava and Ice Man
and breed them to get a Gold Golem. Breed the Gold Golem with a
Centaur to get Durran. Get Sky Dragon and Orochi and Breed them to
get Divinegon. Breed Durran and Divinegon and to get Pizzaro. Get a
King Leo and breed it with Pizzaro to get Esterk. Breed Esterk with
Gold Slime to get Mirrudras. Get a Spikerous and breed it with
Mirrudras to get Mirrudras2.

Hint: Misty Wing:
Breed a Dracky (pedigree) and a Golem.

Hint: Mudou:
Breed Baramos (pedigree) with DarkHorn.

Hint: Orochi:
Breed Greatdrak with MedusaEye.

Hint: Pizzaro:
Breed Durran (pedigree) with Divinegon.

Hint: Rainhawk:
Breed Phoenix with Blizzardy.

Hint: Sidoh:
Breed Jamirus (pedigree) with Rosevine.

Hint: Sirloin:
Win Goopi's game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then, go up the stairs and
talk to the princess in the front of the room. She will ask to see a
Wing Slime. Get a Snaily and then a Bull Bird. Put the Snaily as the
Pedigree then breed them. After you get Wing Slime, go to her and
then she will give you a Sirloin.

Hint: Sky Dragon:
Stand under the Sk yDragon above the farm before clearing C class.

Start from the left corner. When you move upwards, the Sky Dragon
will move. Next, move down and move to the last rope on the right.
Go up and the Sky Dragon will move again. Move down again and move
to the rope starting from the left, the second rope and go up. You
will reach him.

| |--| |
|--| |--|
| |--| |
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
E: Empty Space
S: Sky Dragon

Hint: Slimenite:
Breed a Fangslime (pedigree) with Eyeclown.

Hint: Spikeasauras:
Greed a Battle Rex (pedigree) with Digster.

Hint: StoneMan:
Talk to May in the restaurant after clearing A class.

Breed a Golem (pedigree) with a Digster.

Hint: Slime (Slio):
Talk to him in the farm after clearing S class.

Hint: Swordgon:
Breed BattleWrex (pedigree) with Goopi.

Hint: Titanis:
Breed a Durran with a DarkHorn.

Hint: Unicorn:
Breed a Fangslime with any beast.

To get a Unicorn without using Fangslime, breed Gulpbeast
(pedigree) with Drakslime.

Hint: Warabou:
To get Warabou, you must have a Darkdrium that is +100 and
breed it with a Watabou that is +40 (all Leaf monsters must be
in its family tree)/ Watabou must be named Wata and Darkdrium
must be named Dark. Once they are bred, Warabou will appear out
of the egg. He learns Hell Blast, Big Bang, and Mega Magic (plus
all the moves that past monsters have learned). He gets max stats
at level 20, but takes over 20,000 points a level to reach the

Hint: Watabou:
After completing all the Gates, (regular and hidden), talk to
him in the farm stables.

Hint: Whiteking:

Breed a Skelator with a Zapbird.
Breed a Deadnoble (pedigree) with a Whipbird.
Breed a Skeletor and a Blizzardy.
Pedigree with Parent 2
Skullgon with Spotking
Deadnoble with Kingslime
Boneslave with Great Drak
Skeletor with Whip bird, Zapbird, Metalking, or KingLeo

Hint: WonderEgg:
WonderEggs can only be bred across the Game Link Cable by
breeding a Slime and a BigRoost.

Hint: Yeti:
Breed Mad Cat (pedigree) and Sky Dragon in the breeding center.

Hint: Zoma:
Breed DracoLord (pedigree) with Sidoh.
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