Cheats for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (NGB)

Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game with all starting characters
to unlock the Skate Heaven level and Private Carrera as a bonus skater.

Hint: Airport: Startle security
Do a grind on all of security trucks.

Hint: Airport: Hidden tape
Go up the ramp at the beginning (not the one behind you), turn up
once, and jump over it. There should be a rail. Grind it until you
see the tape above you. Then, do a long grind and a 360 Ollie off
the rail.

Hint: Canada: Summon the ships
When you start, turn twice until you get to the big piece of wood
on the floor. Get enough speed, hold A, and just before you get to
the top of the quarterpipe, release A. You should go forward instead
of jumping. Do a grind on the bell and the ships will arrive.

Hint: Canada: Hidden tape
When you start, summon the ships. Then at the place where you start,
instead of going forward, go backwards and the ships should be there.
Jump and get in the first ship, then jump the ramp and get to the
second one. At the end of the second ship should be a quarterpipe.
Get on top of it and try to jump and do a grind on the rail. Then,
jump to the second rail and the tape should be there.

Hint: Foundry: Hidden tape
Go to the last ramp when you first start. Go all the way over to the
left and get big air. You can grind a silver rail and jump off.
The tape will be located there. Do a 50-50 Grind to get down.

Hint: Foundry: Light the furnace
Go to the end of the ramp and go right. Turn right again on the second
ramp. Head for the ramp and go to the top. When you get there, turn
around and grind the three rails (remember to jump in between the rails).
Get to the platform and grind the little lever to light the furnace.

Hint: Los Angeles: Bring on the quake
Grind on all the rails in the level, including the wooden ones. Then,
go to the first beach hut in the bottom lane. Grind the hut's roof,
jump on and grind the wooden rail, then drop on and grind the metal
rail below it. The screen will shake.

Hint: Los Angeles: Hidden tape
After you bring on the quake, go to the side of the bottom lane where
there is a big quarter pipe. Press A + Left at the top to jump over to
the other side. Then, go over until you see a broken ledge.
Grind on it, then jump up to a platform. Go all the way over to the
right to find the hidden tape.

Hint: Rio: Bring on the music
Grind on all of the speakers

Hint: Suburbia: Hidden tape
Go to where you found the "A" in "SKATE" and get off the ramp to the
right. Go until you hit the side of the house quarterpipe and repeatedly
press A until you get to the top. Then, get the tape and jump off.

Hint: Suburbia: Wake up the neighborhood
Do a grind on four red cars.
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