Cheats for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (NGB)

Hint: Half pipe mode
When you are playing half pipe mode, select Tony Hawk since he
is very flexible and he can do hard tricks without falling.
The other skaters are good, but Tony Hawk is the best choice.

Hint: Versus mode
Select the skaters that have more than two bars in acceleration,
speed, and jump. Do not pick Tony Hawk first, since he is not that
good at versus mode.

Hint: Tournament mode
Try to use a skater with more than three bars of acceleration and
speed. If your skater is very swift, you will end up either in first,
second, or third in that course.

Hint: Moves for half pipe mode
180 Ollie: Press A while in mid-air
360 Ollie: Press A(2) while in mid-air
540 Ollie: Press A(3) while in mid-air
720 Ollie: Press A(4) while in mid-air
900 Ollie: Press A(5) while in mid-air, only with Tony Hawk
Tailgrab: Press Down + A while in mid-air
Impossible: Press Down + B while in mid-air
Japan Air: Press Up + A while in mid-air
360 Shove It: Press Up + B while in mid-air
Heelflip: Press Right + B while in mid-air
Backflip: Press Left + B while in mid-air
Method: Press Left + A while in mid-air
Indy Nosebone: Press Right + A while in mid-air

Hint: Moves for versus/tournament mode
Indy: Press A + Down/Right.
Stale Fish: Press A + Up/Left.
Tailgrab: Press B + A + Down/Right.
Japan Air: Press B + A + Up/Left.
Method: Go off a ramp and press Down, Up, A or B.

Move combos
When doing moves at Half Pipe Mode, try to create combos so you will
get higher points that usual. Do not do just one trick everytime you
are in air since your total points will be low. Here are some suggested
combos to make killer moves. Remember, do these in order.

Combination 1
Japan Air
Combination 2
360 Ollie
Combination 3
900 Ollie (Tony Hawk only)
360 Shove It
Combination 4
Japan Air
Combination 5
180 Ollie
Indy Nosebone
Combination 6
Combination 7
Japan Air

Hint: Frontflip
Go up a ramp backwards in half-pipe mode. When you go off the ramp,
press A + Left while in the air. The game will display the move as a
Backflip, but you will actually do a Frontflip if done correctly.
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