Cheats for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (NGB)

Level Easy Challenge
1-2 Square, Diamond, Moon, Triangle Plus, Diamond, X, Triangle
2-1 Square, Diamond, Triangle, Circle Plus, Diamond, Plus, Circle
2-2 Square, X, Moon, Plus Plus, X, X, Plus
3-1 Square, X, Triangle, Star Plus, X, Plus, Star
3-2 Square, Square, Moon, Moon Plus, Square, X, Moon
4-1 Square, Square, Triangle, Square Plus, Square, Plus, Square
4-2 Square, Moon, Moon, X Plus, Moon, x, X
5-1 Square, Moon, Triangle, Diamond Plus, Moon, Plus, Square
5-2 Square, Star, Square, Triange Plus, Star, Diamond, Triange
6-1 Square, Star, Circle, Circle Plus, Star, Star, Circle
6-2 Square, Plus, Square, Plus Plus, Plus, Diamond, Plus
7-1 Square, Plus, Circle, Star Plus, Plus, Star, Star
7-2 Square, Circle, Square, Moon Plus, Circle, Diamond, Moon
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