Cheats for Tomb Raider (N-Gage)

Karate Kid pose:
Stand directly in front the fireplace at
the Lara's home. Press 5 + Up + 4. Hold 4, but release in
mid-jump as you come down. Laura will do the famous Karate
Kid pose with her arms stretched out, standing on one foot.

Full health + full armor rating:
While playing type:
#86642# for full armor
#24559# for full health

Sexy climb-up vault:
When lifting yourself up onto something, you can do a little vault up.
Jump and press 4 to grab the edge of a platform. While holding 4 to
hang there, hold Up + 7.

Swan dive:
Stand at the edge of a platform or similar location. Hold Walk and
Jump + Forward. Lara will do a swan dive that will save you from
the horrible screaming that results when you do the normal jump
from a high place. Note: If you use the swan dive, you will die
even if its only two square spaces in height because Lara lands
on her head.
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