Чит коды на Zelda (NES)

Fast save
Press Start to display the options menu, then press Up + A on controller two. The game save menu will appear.

Expert mode
Enter ZELDA as a name.

Flutes and whistles
Blow the flute in any ordinary place in the Overworld. A tornado will takes you away. The same thing happens in Mario Brothers 3 after a whistle is found (1-3,1-F,2-H) and used.

Old Man
Find an old man inside any of the Labyrinths, and then bomb, shoot, stab, or burn him The two flames will start attacking you.

Save Without Dying
If you want to save anddo not want to take the time to die properly, here's how to do it. Bring up the sub-screen by pressing start on controller 1. Now take controller 2 and press A and any direction on the control pad and the save screen will appear. Please note: the retry selection will not be avilable.

Second Quest
To start a game at the second quest (after you've beaten it once), enter your name as "ZELDA".

The Case of the Missing Door
When you first enter Level 1 in the First Quest, immediately leave and re-enter. The locked door will be gone!
The Key Fairy
If you don't have a key And you have the fairy spell you can go through the locked doors without the key.

To get the Blue ring
To get the Blue ring on the second quest, go behind the Gambling tree and push on the wall(Its somewere in the middle.) then you will find A shop. You need 250 rubees to puchase the blue ring but it reduces damage you take in by half

lots of coins
this is a tip to get lots of money real fast go to the graveyard and walk in to the graves when you get 10 or 11 ghosts kill the first ghost that was there before you walked into the grave and kill him the other ghosts will die and you can get lots of money continue this for more coins...........

Hint: No broken door charge:
Press A + B on controller two after the old man asks for payment for a broken door.

Hint: Unlock door in first dungeon:
During the First Quest, enter the first Dungeon for the first time, then turn around and immediately exit. Turn back around and re-enter the first Dungeon. The locked door at the top of the screen will be open.

Hint: The Lost Woods:
The Lost Woods are located in southwestern Hyrule. There are two exits from The Lost Woods, west and east. If you go north or south, you will end up in The Lost Woods again. You can always exit to the east. To get to the Graveyard to the west, go north, west, south, west. If you make a mistake, you will have to take the eastern exit, then return to The Lost Woods and go through the north, west, south, west path again.

Hint: The Lost Hills:
The Lost Hills are like The Lost Woods, but the path you take is different. If you want to go north to the entrance to Level 5, then take the north path five times. To exit The Lost Hills, go west.

Hint: The Secret Pond:
The Secret Pond is located in western Hyrule, near The Lost Woods. It hides the entrance to Level 7. To reveal the entrance, blow the Whistle. The water will disappear, and stairs will appear which lead into Level 7.

Hint: Defeat Gohma with one shot:
Ready your Bow and Arrows before you enter Gohma's room in Level 5. Fire as soon as you enter the room. Gohma will be perfectly lined up with the doorway with his eye open, and you will be able to defeat him with a single shot.

Hint: Stairs:
Whenever you see statues in the Overworld, a set of stairs will almost always be under one of them.

Hint: Waterfall:
Walk into the waterfall

Hint: Eyeballs:
In the level with the giant eyeball, play the flute and it will shrink down to a smaller size.

Hint: Heart piece locations:
From the starting point: move 4 screens to the right and bomb wall.
From the starting point: move 4 screens right, 5 screens up, 1 screen right, and bomb rock.
From the starting point: move 1 screen right, 3 screens up, 1 screen left, and burn fifth bush from the right.
From the starting point: move 8 screens right and 2 screens up. Must have the ladder.
From the starting point: move 8 screens right and 5 screens up. Must have the raft.
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