Чит коды на Xexyz (NES)

End level
Begin game play and reach the first wall. Then hold Down for approximately two seconds and jump to advance to the last level.

Begin a new game and immediately press B, A, B, Start, Up, Down. Your character will now be able to pass through all opponents except for Bosses.

Play Bosses on hovercrafts
Enter BBA1357912 as a password.

Play Bosses without hovercrafts
Enter A2A4A6A8A0 as a password.

Level Passwords
1-1 17597 1069B
1-2 772FB B469B
1-3 58E8B 11F91
2-1 361B7 C9185
3-1 7955E BFC1E
3-3 696B3 BA491
4-1 C9646 47D1E
5-1 5F5A4 90D9B
5-2 07A50 8D614
6-1 0CB01 5E88F
7-1 C519D 33814
7-2 217B1 5719B
8-1 0A21D 2D814
9-1 6FD8D C660A
9-2 6F769 32C0A
9-3 99363 B4585
10-1 482F8 B9A1E
11-1 34D30 26EOA
12-1 CA249 BDD85
12-2 568A8 E2D85
12-3 DF44E 0BB00
End 5C2B5 C8A1E
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