Чит коды на Wrath of the Black Manta (NES)

Fighting the last boss

When you get to the last boss, first use the art of teleportation to get
yourself behind EL TORO (to the right of the screen) once you are behind
him use a shoriken to hit him, the first square of energy should be gone
quickly use the art of lightning to deplete the next square of energy. Then
use the teleport again to go to the left side of the screen (behind him again)
and use the art of the fire ring to tumble the next square of energy,
lastly use teleport again to go to the right side of the screen and use
the art of ground fire to finish the boss once and for all.

How to beat El Toro

Here's how to beat El Toro. Like Taro says in his note, you need 4 arts to
kill El Toro. First use the art of the fire bomb, then use the fire ring. Next,
use art of spider to get behind El Toro and use another fire bomb. Finally,
fire at his back with a missile and he's done for.
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