Чит коды на World Championship Wrestling (NES)


N5BN 1B47 RZBZ Final Match


BXDR NBQ5 19DQ Won 3 Fights
-XDY YBZH Y9DK Won 6 Fights
QXD- 0B0D L9DQ Won 9 Fights

Lex Luger

DXH5 NBD5 R9DK Won 3 Fights
LXHT YB67 N9DM Won 6 Fights

Ric Flair

DX7X NBT5 R9DV Won 3 Fights
BX7Z YB07 N9DM Won 6 Fights

Mike Rotunda

DXT9 NB15 R9DW Won 3 Fights
BXTH YB/7 R9DV Won 6 Fights

Kevin Sullivan

DXRZ NBY5 R9D5 Won 3 Fights
BXRT YB6H R9D2 Won 6 Fights

Rick Steiner

DXNH NB-9 R9D1 Won 3 Fights
BXND YB4H R9D5 Won 6 Fights

Rick Steamboat

DX1T NBV5 R9DL Won 3 Fights
YX11 YB37 R9DD Won 6 Fights

Road Warrior Hawk

DXBR NBQ5 R9DG Won 3 Fights
BXB1 YB37 R9DD Won 6 Fights

Road Warrior Animal

DXYD NBK5 R9D6 Won 3 Fights
BXYB YB57 R9DY Won 6 Fights
-XY- GBG1 R9DQ Won 11 Fights
N5Y1 1BP7 RZNT Won 20 Fights

Steve Williams

DXLN NBM5 R9D4 Won 3 Fights
BXLY YB7H R9DV Won 6 Fights

Eddie Gilbert

DXJ1 NBW9 R9D5 Won 3 Fights
BXJL YBTH R9DK Won 6 Fights

Michael Hayes

DX0B NB89 R9D7 Won 3 Fights
BX0J YBDH R9DW Won 6 Fights
JX0G 0BGD R9DV Won 9 Fights

Get some opponents tired

One of the main objects in this game is to get your opponent to drop
down so that you can execute a more powerful move. One "cheap"
way to get some opponents tired is to line up with them and run to
the ropes. They will start running toward you. Stop running and get
out the way of their path. After they hit the ropes three times, they
will drop down weary and you get to pull of a power move without
having to punch and kick! Note, this does not work against all
opponents, but somewhere around 75% of them.
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