Чит коды на The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Avoid losing bombs

To avoid losing bombs and possibly gain them when fighting Dodongo,
wait until he is close, and throw 2 bombs into his mouth, timing it
so the second bomb comes about 1/4 second after the first. If you've
timed it right, Dodongo will slowly walk in place. You can then simply
stab him with your sword to kill him. He will leave a bomb for you
almost every time. If you're really good, you can also just use 1 bomb,
and time it so that he walks into the blast just after you set the bomb.

Warp from Level 8 to Level 9

After you get all of the triforce, go to the outside of Level
8 and blow your whistle. You go to the outside of Level 9.

Unlock a locked door in Level 1

Walk into Level 1, walk out, then walk back in and the locked
door will be open.

Enemy tip
In screens with multiple enemy types, kill the weakest ones, leave
the screen, and return. The strongest enemies will have changed
into weaker ones.

Less enemies
Leave one enemy alive on a screen and it will prevent the rest
from returning later.

Continue or save
If you are stuck in a screen with no way out, and no way to lose a
life, you can use this code to save your game (so you don't lose the
items you have picked up), and start over from the starting screen of
the game. Press Start on Controller 1 to call up the sub-screen.
Then press Up and A on Controller 2 to bring up the "Continue, Save,
Retry" screen. This is just like losing your last life!

Game Genie codes
NSKUILTA Infinite energy

SXPAPO Some enemies can't move
SXYAPO Walk up a screen, and you can walk all over at the top.
NYAZPA Everything except you and the enemies are black,
even your hearts.
YGAEXP Enemies in shop, enemies in top corner outside and
some enemies are stuck in the Laburnums

NOTE: If their is an "o" next to the code it means it will only work
with the old version of Zelda. You can tell if you have an old
version when you die and it says Continue, Save, Retry and nothing
else. If you have the new version it will also have a red box that
says Hold in the Reset button when you turn off the power. If there
is an "?" next to the code, the code has not been tested on both
versions of the game.

PPLXZZ Touch wall and a ghost will appear
PPEEAA Brings up castle subscreen at all times
VVTTSP Puts you on beginning screen
POZXXU Walk around and fire sword, you will get stuff on
AAIZZI Infinite money--?
AEEAEE all enemies in game are falling rocks
AAPVEX Start game at the top left corner of map
AAANAA Walk through walls in castles. Use the whistle to get to
a castle.
AAPNLO Walk through walls, trees, and water in the overworld.
Don't enter caves; if you do you will not be able to get out.
OSTLLY Press the B button to use weapons you do not have. When
using this code you must have no weapons. You may have
to press the B button several times.
AIIOOV Start with 24 bombs--o
TIIOOV Start with the potion--o
YIIOOV Start with the wand--o
IIIOOV Start with the meat--o
GIIOOV Start with the whistle--o
LIIOOV Start with a green candle--o
ZIIOOV Start with the bow--o
PIIOOV Start with a very strong arrow. (This arrow can't kill
Ganon so of you want to pass the game don't use this code)--o
TTIOOV Start with 24 keys--o
ITIOOV Start with 24 coins--o
IYIOOV Money goes up once in a while--o
AKITVX Forms new entrance when you leave a cave
EENAKP Different stuff in caves
KTVXXZ Secret entrances are open. (you can't kill the snake in
the last level with this code)
XYYYYL Meat comes out of shooting sword
KIOZXX Rooms are split in half, you might be able to find things,
like Hearts.
VXXTSS Walk when you usually can't--o
SZZVVZ Link is different colors
PPZXYY Change castle
XXLLLZ Rapid B button is on, walk through some enemies
IZLZZZ Wall changes into rock man when you touch it
OPPEEA Speed writing
PPEEAA Brings up castle subscreen at all times
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