Чит коды на The Immortal (NES)

Hint: Defeating the dragon:
Use "Blink" six times.

Level Passwords
2 x310y10006y90
3 tt5xx21000x10
4 9t3yx31001x60
5 777x843000t60
6 5ss0v67000ry0
7 v131y770038y0

Answers to the exit puzzles
Level 1: Hold the amulet you find up to the light without reading the runes
on it.

Level 2: There are three circles with triangles in them and various
gem-sizes spots on them. Place a gem on the left side of the first
circle, another on the right side of the second, and a third in the center
of the last circle.

Level 3: Wait for the flame to turn green, then stand over the flame and
drop a gem.

Level 4: Walk around the triangle 3 times counterclockwise.

Level 5: Place the bait on the door trigger after the lizard egg hatches.
The lizard will sit on the bait and switch to hold the door open.

How to defeat the dragon at the end of the game: Start by using the Blink
spell whenever it's about to fire at you. After 6 uses, the spell will be
used up and the dragon will take a deep breath. Just before he shoots,
use the Fire Protection spell. After this, hold up the amulet WITHOUT
reading the incantation. Your teacher appears and starts shooing lightning
at you. Use the Statue of Gold spell to protect yourself, but beware--after
3 shots of lightning, DON'T protect yourself from the fourth. He shoots a
blank on this one, and if you use the spell here you'll use up the spell too
soon. After a short speech, your teacher will hold up your amulet. Use
the Magnetic Hands spell to take it back and the dragon will destroy
your enemy.

Hidden spell
In stage four fly through the first room on the magic carpet,
stop to open the door, and board the carpet again. In the
horizontal corridor, fly close to the low wall and eventually
you'll find a coffee pot. Move on to stage five. In the room
with the red worms, head for the hole in the floor without
using the Sensor. At the end of the corridor you climb down
into you'll meet the game's programmers. Give them the
coffee and they'll give you a spell which will automatically
wipe out the two trolls in Stage 6.
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