Чит коды на The Guardian Legend (NES)

Action sequences only
Enter TGL followed by spaces as a password. All adventure sequences will be skipped.

Sound test
Hold A + B and reset the NES. Press Left or Right to select a sound, Up to play, and Down to stop.

Display game text
Complete the first action sequence and enter the first labyrinth room. Hold Select + B to display all text in the game, starting with the introduction.

kl!6 ojq7 rD?3 uPb! x1?3 4jHm etyv jbR! - You will start at area 0, X12, Y13. you'll have all areas completed, Your life will be at 21, your Rapid Fire will be at Level 5, your chip max will be at 4000, your attack will be at Level 4, Your Shield will be at Level 7, you will have 2054860 points, all of your weapons will be maxed out, and you will have 255 Enemy Erasers!

At the Password screen enter a code with all CAPITAL J's. You will then find yourself in some specific area of the game. You will also find that your weapons have been "maxed out" and that you have MOST of the keys you need to enter rooms during the quest part of the game. This is the flaw: You have most of the keys, but you can't pass through any of the doors in the area that you start at!!! I've also noticed that if you let your character stand still for about five minutes or so, she will start to blink on the screen.

Buy all three items:
Press Start repeatedly and approach each of the items. You'll be able to buy all three instead of the usual one.

Game Genie codes:
NZPISL Hold down both A and B to warp past a flying screen.
Use Controller 2 to move around and use Controller to warp.
TNZVVO No bad guys on the screen.
YNZNVP Start with a very strong shield.
YNLVOG Just land
YUGAEK Enter this code, and press Start. When the title
screen appears, select the password and enter this code.


With these codes you will only do the flying scenes and you
cannot die.
ZSTEKP Press Select to get more energy tanks and a higher score.
ZUTEKP Press Select to get more energy whenever you need it.
Note that this code messes up the screen when you use it.
AEISSX Speed up game
EOZYYY No enemies in flying scenes

NNVAIAAK Start with lots of energy, more than the max.
*AKVELA* Start on level___
Z A 2
L A 3
G A 4
I A 5
T A 6
Y A 7
A E 8
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