Чит коды на The Adventures Of Bayou Billy (NES)

Hint: Level 4:
You cannot shoot rocks. Watch out for these and avoid them. There are usually about four of them in this level.

Hint: Grenades and driving:
When a grenade is thrown, the guns cannot be fired it explodes. Slow down if car is approaching during this time.

Hint: Boss tips:
Level 2 Boss
Shoot the ground snipers when they appear before shooting at the chopper. They will kill you quickly if this is not done.
Level 3 Boss
Drop any weapons so your character can punch. Get very close to him and punch as fast as possible to avoid taking hits.
Level 7 Boss
First, shoot the little man throwing knives at your character. He can kill your character quickly.
Level 9 Boss
Stand in the lower right corner and use the whip if possible. Otherwise, use jump kicks to avoid the bullets.
Final Bosses
Move around to keep them separated and hit them whenever possible. While both of them are alive, they will not punch your character until using a successful grab. Keep both of them alive as long as possible and do equal amounts of damage to each of them.

Start with bonuses
Play the games in practice mode before starting the real game to obtain the following bonuses: extra life (driving game), extra bullets (shooting game), and a meatball (fighting game).
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