Чит коды на Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

Sound test
Hold B and press Left at the title screen. Press Up or Down to select a sound.

Control coin toss
If the CPU selects "Heads" during the coin toss, quickly press B before it decides whether to return or kickoff. If done correctly, the CPU will always kickoff to your team.

All Buffalo play-offs
Make sure that one team does not clinch a division title until after the last game in the 17th week of the season. When the game ends, a screen with the winner of the division title will appear. Reset the NES while that screen is displayed. The play-offs should show Buffalo both in the NFC and AFC.

Hint: Avoiding tackles:
Note: This runner's maximum speed must be above 13 for this trick to work. Get past all the defensive players. When your player is close to being tackled, start moving up or down while still running toward the endzone. When the defense is just about to tackle your player, or he is about to step out of bounds, start moving in the opposite direction. The defense should slow down and have to catch your player again. Repeat this until you score a touchdown. Note: Depending on the situation, this code may not always work.
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