Чит коды на Star Wars (NES)

Hint: Advance to Death Star:
Shoot the third Greedo in the Cantina. Quickly run to the wall to the right to enter a warp to the Death Star.

Hint: Extra lives:
Find the wall in Obi Wan's cave that appears slightly different than the other walls. Jump left into the wall to find two bonus lives.

Hint: Tractor beam core:
Kill both of the opponents in the tractor beam core room, but do not jump during the fight. Just point the gun upwards and shoot. Your character cannot be hit if you stay on the ground.

Hint: Womprat:
Stop after reaching the entrance to the Womp Rat Boss's lair. Jump up and down and shoot the Boss to avoid getting hit.

Game Genie Codes
AAXAGAZA Start with 1 life
IAXAGAZA Start with 6 lives
AAXAGAZE Start with 9 lives
SZEAYXVK Infinite lives
GZSYLSSO Immune to spikes, you can get stuck on them
SLVUYNSO Immune to most bullets
AAKLNGZA Full energy on big energy pick-ups
AAKLUGAX Less energy on big energy pick-ups
AGKLUGAZ More energy on big energy pick-ups
ZEOKOIPA + ZEKKXIPA Always running
GXNUZIST + SLKLYVSO Immune to most collisions
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