Чит коды на Skate or Die 2 (NES)

Level select
Select adventure mode. Press Start, A, Select, B on controller two during game play. Then, press Right for the Mall, Left for the Beach, or Up for the Planet level.

Unlimited boards
Move your character all the way to the back when he is waiting on top of the ramp. Press Start(2), Select when he scratches his head. The sound of a siren will confirm correct code entry. Your character may now skate for three minutes.

Unlimited Half-Pipe attempts
Hold Up when the event starts, before dropping down, to go to the top of the half-pipe. Repeatedly press Start, Select until a confirmation sound is heard.

Mall bonuses
Replace the normal deliveries on this level with the following destinations to collect extra lives and other bonus items.

Delivery Destination
1 Joe's Formal Wear
3 Rhinestone Jewelers
5 Wumpus World
7 Kafka's Candies
9 Stiller's Outpost
11 Pathos Fashions
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