Чит коды на Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (NES)

Status Password
Fester rescued 182M
Fester rescued, 2 life hearts C82C2
Fester rescued, 3 life hearts 982F2
Fester rescued, 4 life hearts 182M-
Fester and Wednesday rescued, 4 life hearts 282M1
Fester, Wednesday, and Gomez rescued 662K1
Fester, Wednesday, and Gomez rescued, 4 life hearts 262M?
Fester, Wednesday, and Gomez rescued, 5 life hearts, 5 life hearts 662K1
Fester, Wednesday, Gomez and Granny rescued 6R2KK

End of game
Enter 6R2KK as a password. Enter the middle door on the first floor of the mansion, that is now unlocked. Proceed through the level, defeat Nasty Judge, and rescue Morticia to complete the game.
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