Чит коды на Mike Tyson's Punch-out (NES)

Extra bout
Enter 135 792 4680 as a password, then press A + B + Select to access "Another World Circuit".

Busy signal
Enter 800 422 2602 as a password to hear a busy signal. Note: This was Nintendo's customer service phone number.

View credits
enter 106 113 0120 as a password, then press A + B + Select.

Regain energy
Repeatedly tap Select after a round ends to regain energy. Note: This may only be done once per game.

Status Password
WVBA minor championship 005 737 5423
WVBA major championship 777 807 3454
Piston Honda 032 730 8442
Super Macho Man 267 913 7638
Don Flamenco 005 373 5423
Mike Tyson 007 373 5963

Punch in 007 097 5683 as a password and you should Skip all the way to Super Macho Man

Mike Tyson out in 20 seconds
In the 1st round dodge two uppercuts then punch him in the gut and you should get a star. then dodge again and use the star

Hint: Knockout retry (emulator):
Note: This trick may only be done if the game is played on the NESticle emulator. Select "CPU", "NES Movie", and "Record" to capture your match. If your boxer is knocked out, play the movie and stop a few seconds before your boxer is knocked out. The emulator will start the game exactly at the point where it was stopped, allowing you to avoid the mistake that lead to the knock out.
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