Чит коды на Micro Machines (NES)

Always qualify
Complete the qualifying race, then hold Up + Select + B until the screen changes color. Then, press Start. The phrase "Qualify - 6 Lives" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Extra life
Jump off the folder, pause game play while in mid-air, and resume. An extra life will be available when the next race is lost.

Hint: Easy win in Sandy Straights:
Drive in reverse until the first bend near the water. Pause game play and the lap counter will decrease. Resume game play and cross the finish line to win.

Hint: Turbo acceleration in Sahara Straights:
Drive until reaching the footprint in the sand. Stop at the bottom part of the footprint, pause, then resume game play.

Hint: Easy win in Handyman's Curve:
Drive into the spout of the large oil can in the lower left of the track. Pause game play twice to win.

Hint: Sticky Grip in Potted Passage:
Follow the green pipe into the plants, then drive into the small space. Pause and resume game play for Sticky Grip.
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