Чит коды на Mega Man 4 (NES)

Super password
Enter A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3 as a password to start game play with all weapons and items.
Super blaster
Intentionally lost a life four times in the exact same location, then continue game play. Doctor Light will give Mega Man a super blaster.

Level Password
Toad A2/5/6 B1 D1 E3
Bright A1/3/5 B2 D1 E3
Pharaoh A1/5 B4 C1 D1/3
Ring A1 B4/6 C4 D1/3
Dust A1 B4/5 C6 D1/3
Skull A1 B4/5 D2/3 F2
Dive A1 B4/5 E2/6 F3
Drill A1/4 B5 E2 F1/3

Hint: Hidden balloon:
Go across the top part of Pharoah Man's level. Do not enter the pit when it appears. Instead, use Rush to get across it. Go right, and you will reach more quicksand. Keep going to reach some platforms. There will be a small container marked with a B. This is the balloon.

Hint: Hidden wire:
Begin game play on Dive Man's level. Fall into the small pit that appears soon after the continue point. Avoid the spikes that line the walls and fall all the way down. A container marked W can be found once you reach the bottom. This is the wire.
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