Чит коды на Maniac Mansion (NES)

Blind maniacs
Go into a room where someone who lives in the house is. As soon as they see you switch to another person for a minute or so. Switch back to the person who's about to get caught and they won't see you. This trick works great in the nurses room .

Exploding Hamster and the Afterlife
To do this, you need either Razor or Syd. When you have Ed out of the room, get his hamster. The card key and the dimes are also things you can get if you do it in time.When you are one of the characters, place the hamster in the microwave and turn it on. The hamster will explode.

For an extra thrill
Give the hamster back to Weird Ed. He will get mad and kill you. You won't see the killing, but you'll end up in afterlife with nothing, but you can still get stuff from places, like the sponge. You can still get caught by Edna or Ed if you are in there room. Also your friends can't see you and you are invisible. Enjoy you death!

Final Security Door Code
The code to get past the prison's final security gate that leads to the lab is all zeros.
Note: Now you can skip to the end of the game!

Freeing Prisoners
When one of your guys gets captured, all you have to do to free him is... get another one of your guys captured! Once two are captured, go to the middle of the wall in the basement, have a guy stand at the door to your right, and push the stone in and the door will open. You're free to go!

Getting past the Green Tenticle
This is very simple. All you have to do to get past the green tenticle is give him the wax fruit witch can be found in the left-hand door on the second floor and the Pepsi that can be found in the refrigerator. NOTE: DO NOT USE BERNARD WHEN DOING THIS HE WILL CHICKEN OUT!

Getting the old rusty key
Get the casette tape and record, use the record on the vitrola and casette tape in casette recorder, now turn both on, go with the casette tape to the living room and use the casette player with the casette tape, then the chandeliers will fall to the ground and you can reach the old rusty key.

Key to the Dungeon
The key to the dungeon is cleverly hidden within the chandelier in the living room, the room you enter on your way to the library. To break the chandelier, you will need:
A cassette tape. The cassette tape is found in the library beneath a secret panel by the telephone.
A record. The record is found in the Green Tentacle room -- the room with the huge speakers.

Take these two items to the second floor, to the room with a piano and TV. Once there, put the record on the victrola and the cassette into the tape recorder. Turn on the recorder, and then the victrola. Wait until the vase on the piano breaks before turning off the tape recorder. Once the tape is made take it down to the living room and put it in tape deck of the old-fashioned radio. Play the tape. The high frequency will shatter the windows and then the chandelier. And the key will fall onto the floor!
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