Чит коды на Magic of Scheherazade (The) (NES)


When there is an eclipse, there is a special deal on at the casino.

Saints cannot gamble.

Troopers are a good investment, especially in world 1. They get more and
more powerful farther along in the game.

To defeat Salamander, change your class to magician. You need a super fast
rod to defeat him.

When Kebabu (World 1) asks you if you would pick up a girl in a hamburger
shop, say no. If you say yes he wont join you.

When a friend (I think its Rainy the shrimp) asks you if you are scared of
monsters, say no. If you say yes, the game is over.

Finding the Great Magic of Monecom

Level 1 - Go back in the past, and go to Horen for troopers and Faruk. Then
when you leave Horen, go left one screen, and down until you cannot go down
any further. You will see a magical opening. Enter, and you will find yourself
in a maze. There are some powerful monsters around, so be careful. If you
are good enough to find the end, you will come upon the wise man of the
world, who will give you the Great Magic of Monecom.

Geting 999 rupias

Level 4 - In the Lava maze, you will find a curious star symbol that restores
your M.P. automatically. Use this, then go down a few screens, and fight the
enemies there, who give you money bags often. When your H.P. is getting low,
just use a healing magic such as pampoo, until your HP. is recovered. When
your MP. gets low, just go back to the star-symbol and it will be recovered.
You can do this over and over again until you get 999 rupias.

2W Chapter 2
3W Chapter 3
4W Chapter 4
END End of the game.
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