Чит коды на Lone Ranger (NES)

Freezing Bosses

When you hit any boss enemy, it won't be able to shoot or even move
for a few seconds. Work on your timing so you hit them again
just as they stop flashing and they'll be out of business!

For your password, enter "0810 7830 3251 2." Leave the last
three numbers of your password blank and give your
"Password OK." The message "Area Select 1" will appear on
the screen. Press Up/Down to select the stage and press Start
to begin. This lets you start on the stage of your choice. It also
starts you with $9,999, 50 rounds of ammo, 50 rounds of silver
bullets, the long barreled gun, and 10 sticks of TNT.

Game Genie code
EYSKLTIE Lots of lives
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