Чит коды на Knight Rider: The Game (NES)

Также известная как: Рыцарь Дорог 1
Level select
Hold A + B, press reset, release both buttons, then choose the "Mission" or "Drive" option. Press Up or Down when Devon appears to select the starting level. Press Start to begin game play at the selected level.

Boss battle, weapon select
Press Start to pause game play. Then, hold Up/Left + A + B and press Select to change weapons. Press Start to resume game play at the Boss of the current level.

View ending sequence
Hold Select and reset the NES.

Secret message
Hold Select + Start and power on the NES.

Desert Battle level
Enter NSMRNQIUKRISD as a password.

Super car
Successfully complete all levels in driving mode at least three times. After returning to the menu screen, select mission mode. You car will be equipped with all missiles, lasers, full engine speed, and other bonuses.
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