Чит коды на Kid Niki Radical Ninja (NES)

Extra life
Defeat the Boss at the end of each level to reveal a scroll. Wait until the first and last digits of the timer are the same, then shoot the scroll.

Bonus areas
Swing your character's sword in the following rooms to reveal scrolls. Hit the scrolls with the sword to collect coings.

Level 1-7
Jump and swing the sword just after the group of three birds passes by.
Level 2
Climb up the fourth tree to find the secret room.
Level 3
Fall off the first cliff to the lower cloud, then swing the sword and press Up. A teleporter location can also be found by jumping on the third rising and falling cloud. Eliminate the kite and bird, then press Up while jumping.
Level 4
Move left and crouch at the second and third blocks from the left. Hold Down to teleport away.
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