Чит коды на Goonies 2 (NES)

Konamiman warning:
If you punch any of the Konamiman guys, none of them will ever replenish your energy for you again.

Finding Annie:
To find Annie, the fastest way I've found is the following: If you have all the weapons, Annie will be located on the front map, on screen (8,9) where 8 is the horizontal and 9 is the vertical. if you don't have a helmet, Annie should be on the BACK map, at (4,3) where 4 is horizontal and 3 is versicle. Also, she's easier to get to if you use the (8,9) entry, theres fewer guards.

H4O N4(arrow left)(arrow right) '7R 3''E - All items, but no Goonies
K'O N248 4SR "(facing right)OOS - All items and Goonies (go through the second door from the start, and use ladder up to continue the path and find Annie.

Game Genie codes:
YEUAOPZA - Jump up to ceiling.
IESAPAPA - Super speed
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