Чит коды на Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode (NES)

Extra bullets:
Press Select during the 3D building levels to exchange life points for ammunition.

Walk on air:
Any time during gameplay, pause the game, and them unpause it, now jump, now you're walking on mid-air! This is for the side-scrolling scenes and it will work every time.

Level select:
Wait until one eye flashes during demonstration mode. Then, press Start and hold Up + A + B on controller one and Up/Left + A + B on controller two. Then, press Start on controller one.

Enter one of the following codes to start at the corresponding level.
Level Code
1 00
2 08
3 0A
4 12
5 1E
7 32
8 38
9 3B
10 40
13 49
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