Чит коды на Friday the 13th (NES)

Torch and axe:
You can get a torch and an axe as better weapons to kill Jason. To get the axe, go in the woods all around the lake. first you have to find a key to unlock the doors. after you get the note that says "Go into the woods" go to all the houses. when you come out you should find an axe. use the take button and take it. The next one is my favorite. you can kill Jason faster with a torch. to get it, get a lighter. then light all of the houses with fire places starting at the cave. light those two first. then light the two by the path entrance by the cave. then you light the final house before you get to the entrance to the lake. last you light the final houses at the lake. It doesn't matter but be careful not to go to fast because it will be by the next to last door out of the cabin. hit the take button and it will take Jasons life one tally at a time.

Sweater tip:
Don't waste your time looking for the sweater. I found it and it has no apparent effect.

Low on strength tip:
If the counselor your using is low on strength and near the caves and you think Jason is around, then go into the caves. Jason won't follow you in, and if you jump around and kill about 3-5 zombies you'll get some medicine and a knife.

Stock up on medicine early in the game by going into the woods south of the lake and walk around (like in the cave, you might need to kill some zombies, and you'll probably get a knife). Use Chrissy/Mark/Laura to fight Jason around the lake. Use Paul/Debbie/George to gather clues (hid- den in cabins), get stronger weapons (by killing zombies), and get medicine (see cave hint above). If Jason is killing a counselor, remember it is almost always faster to switch to that counselor than run to his/her cabin.

Finding Jason's mother:
Jason's mother can be easily found in the cave. enter the cave go left jump over the first 2 pits close to the third pit, the rocks look a little different, go there and hit up. You need the key. If you haven't killed Jason yet, you get a machete. If you've killed him once, the sweater, twice, you get a pitchfork.

Fighting Jason:
In cabins you find notes that tell you to go into other cabins which eventually tell you to go into the woods or the caves. I haven't found anything in the woods, but in the caves, you can find an evil head. If you kill, you get a sweater which seems to deter Jason. It takes forever to find the thing though and it is impossible to make a map. Therefore, I recommend just going after Jason. You have to kill him 3 times to win. When you start pick any guy, it really doesn't matter. Walk around to until you find a knife, the switch characters. Once 3 or 4 guys have knifes, machetes will appear. I haven't found any better weapons than those yet. Kill Jason as fast as you can. If you are not on the lake, once you kill him go outside. You will get to fight him again. Each time you kill Jason (not beat him) he gets faster. He always moves in the same pattern though. He comes down, attacks 2 or 4 times and goes back up. Hit him when he goes back up. The last time, he is wicked fast. Get all the way to right side of the screen. You will need to perfect the double duck. When he comes down, you will need to double duck. When he starts coming back duck before he gets there, then duck again A.S.A.P. and throw your weapon, it should be a machete and it should just hit him. This way you can make him run without getting mauled. Medicines will heal other characters the guy who gets it can't use it on himself. the 3rd time, it is really important to fight Jason outside because he deals less damage. Outside, you keep whacking him. Oh yeah, and jump sometimes too.

We all know that the 3rd day Jason is very fast and strong, but there is a foolproof way to destroy him (sometimes without taking any damage at all). When you run into him in a cabin, wait for his first attack and double duck as always to avoid his weapon. A few seconds before he makes his second round of attack, keep double ducking (or triple duck, as the case may be) until he finishes his attack. But, because you started ducking a little earlier than normal, that gives you the advantage of getting a hit in just as Jason is retreating to the wall. Keep doing that every time you see him, and pretty soon, victory will be yours!

My advice in case you need extra reinforcement for fighting Jason is to make sure you have received the sweater from Jason's mother on day 2. That seriously deters the damage a regular hit from Jason takes down to one hit point! Then, using the person that has the sweater (I like to have either Mark or Chrissy because of their all-around athletic ability), kill Jason's mother on day 3 to receive the almighty pitchfork! With this, you can plow through numerous monsters with one throw. Then, if you want to, give the pitchfork to a not-so-athletic counselor (like George, for example.)

Game Genie Codes:
SZSLUEVK + IYKLSEAY Infinite children
IEVANTPA + YUNESVYA Start with 55 children
OTEIVISV Infinite energy for active counselor
ZZOUAGTE Vitamins heal active counselor better
AZEVXLGE Vitamins heal others better
GAEUZIAE Everyone can jump high!
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