Чит коды на Final Fantasy (NES)

Bonus puzzle game:
Enter the ship, hold A and press B(55). Arrange the tiles in order from 1 to 15 to collect 100 Gold.

Display map:
Press Select + B.

Dragon Warrior reference:
Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads:
"Here lies Erdrick"
This is a direct reference to a character in the game Dragon Warrior.

Fighting Tiamat:
Tiamat is a tough opponent but there's a way to beat him easily both times. The first time you fight him, cast bane or use the bane sword to kill him instantly. It doesn't always work so make sure you have a backup plan. In the temple of fiends cast stop on him and you should be able to beat him before he recovers. Like before, this doesn't always work so be prepared.

Tip on swords:
If you have the Nintendo guide on Final Fantasy, it tells you that certain weapons give more damage to certain enemies, like the Rune sword, Coral sword, Sun Sword, Giant Sword, Flame Sword, and Ice Sword. THIS IS ALL FALSE! Weapon power is based entirely on how it is shown on your status subscreen. This means that the flame sword doesn't take anymore damage from ice monsters than the ice sword does. Actually it takes less! Still the strongest swords you can have against any enemy are the Xcaliber and of course, the Masmune. However, Elemental armor does give you better protection against some spells and attacks.

Black Belt tip:
If you have a Black Belt in your party, their absorb strength start to match their experience level around level 11 or 12 after every level up bonus they get. This will last as long as you don't look at your armor subscreen. This tip may not be too useful in the beginning but in the end, you may want to drop or sell some armor to make room or get cash. This way you can sell your Black Belts armor and still have a good defense power if your levels are high enough. You can do this all the way to level 50.

HEL2 spell tip:
If you have a White mage you should know that their is a glitch in this game that causes the HEL2 spell to have the effect of HEL3! If you have enough openings you can by both of them, but they are actually the same thing.

Houses tip:
Another glitch that I have found in this game is that Houses do not save any restored energy or magic along with the game. This means that if you save your game using a house, and all of your characters have 1 HP, the game will be saved but your party will still have 1 HP each. You should always use a tent or a cabin after using a house.

Where is the Adamant?
Go to the 2nd floor of the wind castle (Not the tower, but from the transporter). In the below right of the floor, you will find a room with some treasure boxes. Get the Adamant from them, cast EXIT, and go to the dwarf cave. Smith will give you the Xcaliber, the 2nd greatest weapon in the game.

Geting the rats tail and visit Bahamut:
Instead of going straight to the fire fiend and taking care of that, you can go get the rats tail and visit Bahamut. All you have to do is get in your ship, but you need the canoe, and go to a spot were the river is above the port which leads to the Volcano. Go to the ice cave, grab the floater, get your airship, go(sail) to the castle were you get the rats tail, (south of the Elf Village) and visit Bahamut, which by that time, your probably decked out, rich, and can use better spells and equipment, plus if you use Masters (Black Belts), which are really nice, they can waste the Fire fiend in a couple rounds, at Level 19 they were hitting about four times of 250-400 damage.

Lots of gold:
When trying to buy the silver sword for a Fighter (which you should do before going to the Marsh Cave), build up on the water rather than land. Less dangerous and the monsters (Kyzoku?) that give incredible amounts of gold are there.

Volcano tip:
Get the floater before killing Kary. This goes against the recommendations of every source I know, but with the ice armor and weapons you will slay the volcano easily.

Ice Cave tip:
Class Change before going into the volcano! With the floater you can get the airship, and Bahamut's puzzle isn't that hard. Use the fire sword from the Ice Cave.

Ribbons tip:
Give Ribbons to your main Fighter, and whoever has the Masmune (White or Red Mage, probably). The RUB attack is 75% of the time directed at the first person in the order, so keep that in mind as well.

Gold and experience gain trick:
When you need money to buy all the stuff at Elfland but you're not at a high enough level to do the Pravoka trick, I have found a cool semi-quick gold and experience gain place. If you go to that small plain east of Elf Land and then go as high as you can go, then go as far northeast as you can, up to those three terrain squares that form a right angle and are adjacent to the mountains. Walk on these squares and you can fight Green Ogres from the Gurgu Volcano region.

What conditions must be met for your characters to advance to the Adult stage?
You must go and talk to Bahamut in the Cardia Islands and he will tell you to go to the castle of ordeal north east of the Islands, and you'll see the castle but you cant land next to them you must land on the pinnisal north west of the castle, or use the seaship to dock at the mouth of the river which is faster than the pinnisal. Then as you enter the castle a sage will tell you to sit on the throne and you will enter a maze which is easy but make sure to get the Zues's Gauntlet then on the next floor of the castle look out for Medusa they are extremely hard to beat and they can stone you make sure you pick up the healing staff it will help you with the end boss of this level, the Zombie dragon finish picking up the treasure chestson this floor they will help you a lot the Zombie Dragon has two many weak points, fire, and harm. Open the treasure chest be him and go on to the throne and you'll be worped out of the castle go back to Bahamut and he well make you adult the class changes are,
Fighter TO Knight
Thief TO Ninja
Black belt TO Master
Red Mage TO Red Wizard
White Mage TO White Wizard
Black Mage TO Black Wizard

Fighting tips:
When fighting undead foes use the mage staff. It will do from 30-150 points of damage. If fighting an Ice use fire 2. If fighting a fire use ice 2. When fighting Waters use lightning 2.

Experience and gold tip:
Everyone's always talking about where the best place to power up your party is in later levels. My conclusion is obviously the Warmech, and anything along that line, but not at levels like 25 through 30 or 35. At this point I head over to the Ice Cave, where you can make your way to where you originally found the Floater. Here you find the eye in front of the chest. He's really easy to defeat (one hit from Xcalibur), and he gives everyone in the party 802 exp. points, almost as much as 2 giants. Just keep walking back and forth in front of the chest and killing this eye, who's only attack is XXXX, easily protected with a ProRing, and you'll be ready to fight non-stop Warmechs in no time!!

Item tip:
You should always take 99 heal points when going into a cave and when you are on a mission to restore an orb you will always have to go into a cave or some sort of hole so take 99 heal drinks and use fast on your fighters and knight it works really good, also if you find the light axe use it as an item because it works real good on the undead it casts harm2. The mage staff works good on the undead also it casts fire2.

To defeat Warmech and keep everyone alive stay outside and fight Giants at the Earth Cave until you are at levels 37 to 41. You should know every best spell. Go back to bridge and on the way fight all enemies you run into. If you have the Xcaliber Equip it on the Knight. Equip every best weapon you have. Once you are on the bridge walk across and walk back until you face Warmech. Best party to have is a Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, and Black Wizard.
Warmech can be found on the bridge to Tiamat's inner sanctum, but you only have a 1 in 64 chance of finding him. He takes around 1,000 Hit Points, but gives you 8,000 experiencs points per person.

Character selection tip:
The best party you can have is a Fighter (Knight) with Xcaliber, Dragon Armor, Heal Helmet, Power Gauntlet, and the Ageis Shield. A White Mage (White Wizard) with Thor's Hammer, White Shirt, Ribbon, and Protection Ring. A Black Mage (Black Wizard) with Cat Claw, Black Shirt, Ribbon, and the Protection Ring. And a Red Mage (Red Wizard) with Masmune, Gold Braclet, Protection Cape, Zeus Gauntlet and Ribbon. If you get another Protection Cape, just put it on the White Wizard and put the Red Wizards Protection Cape on the Black Wizard and equip the Red Wizard with Buckler.
The reason I put in a Red Wizard is because he can use the spells the Black and White Wizards can't, so you can practically get almost every spell.

Weapons and armor tip:
Only keep the weapons that you can equip and the Weapons that cast something, like the Mage Staff casts FIR2. Same thing for the Armor. If you have something equipped but can also cast something like the Black Shirt casts ICE2, great! Here is a listing of Weapons and Armor that do something:

Defence: RUSE
Thor's Hammer: LIT3
Mage Staff: FIR2
Wizard Staff: CONF
Bane Sword: BANE
Heal Staff: HEL2

Power Gauntlet: SABR
Zeus Gauntlet: LIT2
Black Shirt: ICE2
White Shirt: INV2
Heal Helmet: HEAL

Enemy chart:
Enemy EXP.Points gold HP Weakness
Agama 2472 1200 296 ice
Air 1614 807 358 none
Auklyo 2610 1 352 none
Arachnid 141 50 64 none
Asp 123 50 56 none
Astos 2250 2000 168 none
Badman 1263 1800 260 none
Big Eye 3591 3591 304 lit
Blue Dragon 3274 2000 454 fire
Bone 9 3 10 fire
Bull 489 489 164 none
Caribe 240 20 92 lit
Catman 780 780 160 none
Cerebus 1182 600 192 ice
Chimera 2064 2500 300 ice
Cobra 165 50 80 none
Coctrice 186 200 50 none
Crawl 186 200 84 none
Creep 63 15 56 fire
Earth 1536 768 288 fire
Evilman 2700 3000 190 none
Eye 3225 3225 162 none
Fighter 3420 3420 200 none
Fire 1620 800 276 ice
Frost Dragon 1701 2000 200 fire
Frost Gator 1890 2000 142 lit
Frost Giant 1752 1752 336 fire
Frost Wolf 402 200 93 fire
Gargoyle 132 80 80 none
Garland 130 250 106 none
Gas dragon 4068 5000 352 ice
Gator 816 900 184 lit
Geist 117 117 56 fire
Ghost 990 990 180 fire
Ghoul 93 50 48 fire
Giant 93 50 320 none
Great Pede 2244 1000 48 ice, fire
Green Medusa 1218 1218 68 fire
Green Ogre 282 300 132 none
GreyImp 18 18 16 none
Grey Naga 3489 4000 420 none
Grey Shark 2361 600 344 lit
Grey Wolf 93 93 72 none
Grey Worm 107 400 280 ice
Gaurd 1224 400 200 none
Hydra 912 150 212 none
Hyena 288 72 120 none
Iguana 153 50 92 none
Image 231 231 86 fire
Imp 6 6 8 none
Iron Gollem 6717 3000 304 none
Jimera 4589 5000 350 ice
Kyzoku 60 120 50 none
Lobster 639 300 148 lit
Mad Pony 63 15 64 none
Mage 1095 1095 105 none
Man Cat 603 800 110 none
Manticor 1317 650 164 none
Medusa 699 699 68 none
Muck 266 70 76 lit
Mud Gollem 1257 800 176 none
Mummy 300 300 80 fire
Naga 2355 2355 350 lit
Naocho 3189 500 344 none
Nitemare 1272 700 200 ice
Ocho 1224 102 208 lit
Oddeye 42 10 10 lit
Ogre 195 195 100 none
Ooze 252 70 76 ice, fire
Pede 1194 300 222 none
Perilisk 423 500 44 ice
Phantom 1 1 360 fire
Pirate 40 40 6 none
Red Anklyo 1428 300 256 none
Red Bone 378 378 144 fire
Red Caribe 546 46 172 none
Red Dragon 2904 4000 248 ice, bane, brak
Rock Gollem 2385 1000 200 none
Red Giant 1506 1506 300 ice
Red Hydra 1215 400 182 ice
Red Gargoyle 387 387 94 none
Red Seahag 105 105 64 lit
Saber Tooth Tiger 843 500 200 none
Seahag 30 30 28 lit
Sand Worm 2683 900 200 none
Sauria 1977 658 196 none
Scorpian 225 70 84 none
Scum 84 20 24 ice, fire
Sea Snake 927 600 244 lit
Sea Troll 852 852 216 lit
Sentry 4000 2000 400 lit
Shadow 90 45 50 fire
Shark 66 66 120 lit
Slime 1101 900 120 none
Sorcerror 822 999 112 none
Specter 150 150 52 fire
Sphinx 1160 1160 228 none
Spider 30 8 20 none
Tiger 438 108 132 none
T-Rex 7200 600 800 none
Troll 621 621 184 fire
Tyro 3387 502 408 none
Vampire 1200 2000 156 fire
Warmech 3200 3200 1000 none
Water 1962 800 300 ice
Were Wolf 135 67 68 none
Wizard 276 300 84 none
Wizard Mummy 984 1000 188 fire
Wizard Ogre 723 723 144 none
Wizard Seahag 882 882 204 lit
Wizard Vampire 2385 3000 300 fire
Wolf 24 6 20 none
Worm 4344 1000 448 none
Wraith 432 432 114 fire
Wyrm 1218 502 260 none
Wyvern 1173 50 212 none
Zombie 24 12 20 fire
Zombull 1050 1050 224 none
Zombie Dragon 2331 999 268 fire

Lich 2200 3000 400 fire
Kary 2475 3000 600 stun, slep
Kraken 4245 5000 800 lit
Tiamat 5496 6000 1000 Plus
Chaos 0 0 2000 Plus

Finding the Masamune:
I found a better sword than the Excalibur. You can only find it close to the end of the game when you fight Tiamat a second time. On the way to him go all the way southwest of where he is and you will find a secret way to a treasure chest that contains the Masamune. Once acquired, leave without fighting Tiamat via Exit spell and save it equipped to the Knight and save the Exclibur sword for another person in your party to use it, if not keep it. With the Masamune sword equipped you can defeat the enemies that await you at the end. Secret tip: Use the black mages Fast and Temper spells on the Knight and he will do way more damage than you can imagine.

Going to the Castle of Ordeal:
When going to the "Castle of Ordeal" instead of parking the airship far way and hicking the long distance, go get the ship and sail to the river by it (get out using the canoe), and only make a short hike.

Invisible man:
There is a invisible man in the first castle! He is located in the room where a monk guy is standing above where the queens chamber is.

Be in Chapter 1 and fight enemies from Chapter 7:
You can be in Chapter 1 and fight enemies from Chapter 7. From Pravoka, go south, then east, then all the way north. Then walk left and right to fight monsters like Tyro, Zombull, and the Giant. I don't go there until I am at Level 8. It's a great way to get a TON of experience points and gold extremly early in the game.

Geting lots of gold and experience:
Chapter 3, in the Earth Cave, from where you come in, go all the way to the left, then when you go down, you will fight Giants at every step and get lots of experience and gold.

Airship location:
Chapter 4, use the Floater in the desert to get the Air Ship.

Entering the Submarine:
Chapter 6, you can get the Bottle for 50,000 gold at the north part of the desert. In Gaia go to the Fairies Spring and let the fairy go, to get the Oxyail so you can go into the Submarine.

Finding the magic Life 2 and Nuke:
Chapter 7, in Lefein, walk past the buildings all the way to the right, to buy the magic, Life 2 and Nuke.

Talking to people in Lefein:
To be able to talk to the people in Lefein, you must get the slab, and take it to Dr. Unne to learn there language.

Chime location:
You can get the Chime in Lefein, it opens the door to the Mirage Tower.

Play a game:
Any time when you are on the ship, You can press A and B at the same time 55 times to find a game. Press B to leave.

Game Genie codes:

EETPUO Enemies can't find you!

All of these codes can only be used at the start of the game.

NYKUPAIU Fighter starts with 255 Evade
NYKLPALX Fighter starts with 255 Hit Points
NYKUAEZE Fighter starts with 255 Hit
NYNLPETO Red Mage starts with 255 Hit points
NYNLYAIE Red Mage starts with 255 Damage.
NYNUAAYE Red Mage starts with 255 Hit
NYNUPEZU Red Mage starts with 255 Evade
NYSUAAIE Thief starts with 255 Hit
NYSLYAZE Thief starts with 255 Damage
NYSLPETO Thief starts with 255 Hit Points
NYSUPEZE Thief starts with 255 Evade
NYVLYAZE Black Belt starts with 255 Damage
NYVUYAZE Black Belt starts with 255 Hit
NYVLPAPX Black Belt starts with 255 Hit Points
NYVUPAIU Black Belt starts with 255 Evade
NNOLYAPE Black Mage starts with 255 Damage
NNOLPEPO Black Mage starts with 255 Hit Points
NNOUAAIE Black Mage starts with 255 Hit
NNOUPEZE Black Mage starts with 255 Evade
NNELYAZE White Mage starts with 255 Damage
NNELPEGO White Mage starts with 255 Hit Points
NNEUAAIE White Mage starts with 255 Hit
NNEUPAIU White Mage starts with 255 Evade
NNTPOV Get 32,767 experience points after battle, but you can only
go up one Level per battle
EETPOV Get 24,579 experience points after battle, but you can only
go up one Level per battle
OOTPKU You go up one level after each battle

NNSGTYZE All magic users start with 255 magic points for Level 1
AEAGGN+NYKLYEZE+NYKLPALX Every one has 255 Hit Points and Damage
AEAGGN+NYKUAEZE+NYKUPAIU Every one has 255 Hit, and Evade
AEAGGN+NYKLTAIE Every one has lots of Luck
IEAGIN Two players have high attributes, but the other two don't have very high attributes
NYGGAE Every one starts with white magic
NNAUSA Start with one orb lit
PEAGIY The first character has lot's of extra abilities.
137 HP, E4 Strength, 52 Agility, 23 Intelligence, C6 Vitality,
E9 Luck, 133 Hit, 139 Evade % and 84 Damage. The fighter will do
5 hits, for a total of around 600 damage, even if he's not equipped
with any weapon. He will kill Garland with one hit, even if he's not
equipped with anything!!!

NYKLTAIE Fighter starts with P5 Luck
NYKLYEZE Fighter starts with 255 Damage (It does work!! There was
a typo in the codebook, the 5th letter was a P not a Y.)
NYGLZA Fighter starts with O7 Strength
NYGLGA Fighter starts with O7 Intelligence*
NYGLIE Fighter starts with P5 Vitality*
NYGLLE Fighter starts with P5 Agility
NYNLTAIE Red Mage starts with P5 Luck
NYYLZE Red Mage starts with P5 Strength*
NYYLGE Red Mage starts with P5 Intelligence*
NYYLIA Red Mage starts with O7 Vitality
NYYLLA Red Mage starts with O7 Agility
NYSLTEYU Thief starts with P5 Luck
NYILZA Thief starts with O7 Strength
NYILGE Thief starts with P5 Intelligence
NYILIA Thief starts with O7 Vitality
NYILLE Thief starts with O7 Agility
NYVLTAIE Black Belt starts with P5 Luck
NYTLZE Black Belt starts with P5 Strength*
NYTLGE Black Belt starts with P5 Intelligence
NYTLIA Black Belt starts with O7 Vitality
NYTLLA Black Belt starts with O7 Agility
ANOLTEZE Black Mage starts with CO Luck
NNPLZE Black Mage starts with P5 Strength
NNPLGE Black Mage starts with PE Intelligence
NNPLIE Black Mage starts with PE Vitality*
NNOLLEZE Black Mage starts with P5 Agility
NNELTAIE White Mage starts with P5 Luck
NNELZIAE White Mage starts with P5 Strength
NNELLAIE White Mage starts with P5 Agility
NNALGE White Mage starts with P5 Intelligence
NNALIE White Mage starts with P5 Vitality
*= Graphics are a little different, but save the game and the graphics
are normal and you still have the effects.
TGLYZA Start a new game, go to the Weapon screen and Armor screen,
now your first player should have 176 Absorb, and the second player
will have around 250 Damage and Hit %

SXZIIO There's not very much water. You can for example,
from the very start of the game, walk down south to the
castle, and other areas of the game!!! WARNING! If you go in
a town, you can't get out unless you go to an INN and save
the game and play with out the code. This also goes for castles,
and caves. So make sure you have Tents and Houses with you
and save the game right before you go in, then save the game
after you leave
NYGGAP You can't use the buttons
NYGGZP Watch the credits

You start a NEW game with all four Orbs lit, EVERY item, the Lute,
Crown, Slab, Ruby, Rod, Floater, Chime, Tail, Cube, Bottle, Oxyale,
Canoe, Crystal, Herb, Key, TNT, Adamant, Cabins, Tents, Soft Potions,
Pure Potions, Heal Potions, and Houses, plus the following stated by
the code. For the codes where you start at areas where the enemies
are strong, use the code where there's very little water, and the code
that makes the first player VERY strong (SXZIIO and PEAGIY).

VYLGZE 140,679 gold, and your by Coneria (where you normally
start a new game)
OYLGZE 999,9B4 gold, and your at Cardia Island
XYLGZE 999,960 gold, and your at Onrac
KYLGZE 991,622 gold, and your at Caravan
VYLGZA 993,894 gold, and your at the Waterfall
UYLGZA 999,9G2 gold, and your at the top left corner of the map,
in Chapter 6

TGZIPA Start game with airship!!!! Enemies can still get you.
NYAGPA Start with the ship
TGZLLA Start with the Crystal
TGZLGA Start with the Herb
TGZLTA Start with the TNT
TGZLYA Start with the Adamant
YYZUAA Start with the Slab
YYZULA Start with the Floater
YYZUGA Start with the Chime
YYZUTA Start with the Cube
YYZUYA Start with the Bottle
TGZUPA Start with the Ruby
NYLUPE Start with P5 Heal
NYLLYE Start with P5 Cabin
NYLLTE Start with P5 Tent
NYLULE Start with P5 Soft
NYLUZE Start with P5 Pure
NYLUAA Start with O7 House
(P5 is 255)
TGZYPA House on the Equipt area. Go and try to sell stuff.
TGZYPA Pure and Xcalber, each time you look, there is another one,
up to four
NYZYZA Four Flames, four Opals, cap, four cabins, four Powers, four Silvers.
NYZYLA 16 Giant Swords and 16 Aegis Shields.
NYZYGA Start with lots of different stuff.
TGIYPA Vorpal, Catclaw, Copper, and Iron, on the Weapon and Armor screen.
TGZYZA Flame, Power, and Silver in the Weapon and Armor screen
TGZYAA Bane and Zeus in the Weapon and Armor screens
TGZYLA Giant and Aegis in Weapon and Armor screens
TGZYGA Lots of stuff in the Weapon and Armor screen.
TGLLPA Vorpal and Copper in Weapon and Armor screen. Go in the town
and it is gone, go back outside and you have them again, go in
the castle and it changes to White and Falchon
TGLLZA Top left orb is lighted up
TGLLGA Bottom left orb is lighted up
TGLLIA Bottom right orb is lighted up
GEZYTI Options hid and Funky music
YLPKTN Graphics are distorted
OXYGXN During game while walking outside of town, press start to see the stat screen, then press B button to go back to walking screen. When you return to walking screen you'll notice you've moved 8 spaces up... Easy way to warp from continent to continent, without moving!
LZZLLL Put in this code and.....

The main 4 bosses have less weak points
When someone dies, the person comes to life! (even with 0 life!)
When a person attacks, he keeps attacking 2 or 3 times!
The only time bad buys attack is when they use magic! (only
magic enemies attack!)

Don't use a cure, or cure magic, or the game will freeze!
The music it strange.

IEZGGN All characters start with 999 hp except fighter. Must level up in order for it to look correct.
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