Чит коды на Faxanadu (NES)

Bonus gold
Speak to the King at the start of the game and spend all the money that he awards. Return to the King to collect another 1500 gold pieces. This may be done whenever all gold has been spent.

All items
Enter k8fPcv?,TwSYzGZQhMIQhCEA as a password.

Status Password
Dartmoor aLf?cv?,IJNJjMFukpYQha
Forepaw B4qMAPtkCEAYxzwhA
Mascon zKPcAvt1iEQoFzwhAxjA
Victim Raz8Mvu0CIUKLhsHwgWEA
Daybreak DL7,cv20SoWOx2XIbBL4PhA
End q8f?cn?,SwSYzGYLhqSthCEA
8lkIgAkkAAA Apolune
4lkYgAkkAAA Apolune
EWkoAQkkAACgk Apolune
2WI4AAkkAABg Forepaw
?2pIAAskCAAYA Forepaw
InpYAAtkCEAODzg Forepaw
qnpoACtkCEASB4Q Forepaw
ImqIgLtkCEAFA Forepaw
72KIgPtkCEAA Forepaw
j2qcAPtkCEAEw Forepaw
t2qcAvtsiEIQA Forepaw
ZXK8Avt0iEQkDA Forepaw
eGu8Avt0iEQkA Outside of Mascon
4pPcgvt0CEQotWwhCA Outside of Mascon

Where is the Joker Key?
When you go out of town their will be a ladder go up it. after you go up ladder on your right their will be a ladder jump across don't fall keep going left when you reach a door go in it fight some bad guys and go right keep going right until you see a ladder try and get up to it after you go up the ladder their will be another ladder go up in the next room their will be a big monster kill it go foreword and you will see a door their will be a man in their and he will give you the key!

Where's the Ring of Ruby?
Inside the joker door in the town of Apolune.

How do you equip the Battle Suit and Battle Helmet?
You still need to find the Battle Sword. The items work only as a trio for some reason.

Where is the Dragon Slayer?
From the town of Dartmoor, go left one screen, down one screen, left one screen, down one screen, and right two screens. Enter the door; this takes you to the Fortress. Once inside, go right once, down once, right three times, and up once. Enter the door, kill the person there, and you get the sword.

What is the direction for the last fortress?
Down 1, Left 2, Down 1, Left 1, and Up 3. Enter the door and you're at the final enemy.
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