Чит коды на Duck Tales (NES)

Bonus Stages
Attain a score between 70,000 and 79,999 points. Then, accept a lift back to Duckburg with Launch pad to stop at a bonus level on the way.

Where is the key to the African Mines?
To get the key, go to Transilvania. Enter the first mirror you see. You should come across a treasure chest. Knock it open to find the key. Go back to the African Mines, and walk through the door. It'll open automatically. This goes for the Game Boy version as well.

Warp to the enemy boss, in Amazone:
Theres another Quicker Strategy For the Amazon. The first thing to do is to go to the first statue stump thing. It will be below a little gap in the ceiling. Sometimes if you fiddle around there a treasure will come (If not just jump on a enemy to get up there). When the treasure comes, jump on it with your Pogo stick and into the little gap. Climb the vine, pass the rock pile (Theres hardly anything in there anyway), and jump or climb down the hole at the far Right and you`ll be warped to the enemy boss.

Himilayas level tip:
In the Himilayas when you get to the rope climb down and keep falling straight down till you get to the snowy ground at the bottom of the cave now go to your Left and jump on the ice-block with your pogo and over the wall of snow. If you want to be invincible for a while go torwards the tower of snow again but don`t jump over it just wait till a M thing comes. You may have to break the block to get. Now go right, Pounce on the snow hare and jump onto connected snow-blocks but be careful not to touch the falling icicles. Ounce you past that jump down to ground and you will see this guy trapped in the ice use that red thing to jump and save him. He will show you a hidden treasure by clearing out some of the snow wall. Open the treasure collect the star and your life level will increase.

Amazon level tip:
On the Amazon level at the part when you have to get passed spiders and get passed thorns at the beginning hit the red lined little piece of metal thing to the left side of the screen and do a pogo stick jump and hopefully you'll be able to make it on the top of the statue that looks like a soldier on the left side and keep on jumping left with your pogo stick and do the same thing when you see the treasure boxes and find the highest place there and continue on top of the screen but after the other part that I just told you about is not continued that just means you have to go all the way back and just play the level and try to beat and the master of this level is a statue that stomps on you so be careful if you ever make it there because it's so hard I can't even beat it.

Skip the statue:
When you meet the statue that wants $300,000 for you to pass, walk back to the left and let an enemy follow you into the room. You can then pogo on top of him and reach the vine above without paying the statue.
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