Чит коды на Dragon Warrior 4 (NES)

How to get Ragnar in Chapter 5:
To get Ragner in Chapter 5, go back to Keeleon Castle and unlock the doors with the Magic key. Go up to where you scared the minister and Ragner will be there.

How to get to the hidden well:
To get to the hidden well, talk to everyone in Izmit village (in the day and at night.) Then go back to Alex's wife in Burland. She will want you to take you to Alex. Take her to him and then Alex will tell you how to get there.

How to get the Magic Key:
To get the Magic Key, get Brey, Alena, and Cristo so that you have the Thief's Key back. Then, go back to the Cave West of Kievs. Go to the treasure box that has the Lamp of Darkness in it (It is on the other side of a river near the sphere) Open this box and you will find a button in it. This button will make a hidden stairway appear which leads to the Magic Key. (You will need to unlock a Thief's Key door to get to it.)

How to get the Zenithian Helm:
To get the Zenithian Helm, go to the king of Stancia. Talk to him and try to make him laugh (you won't be able to.) After you try to do this, go back to Monbaraba. Talk to the the master there and you will be allowed to get the jester who is performing here to join your party. Take him to the king and he will make him laugh. The king will reward you with the Zenithian Helm.

Defeating the Metal Slimes, King Metals, and Metal Babbles:
You need to equip at least one of your active party members with the swordedge armor. When the metal guys cast a spell on that member, the armor will return a small amount of the damage, usually enough to defeat them. Also, use the Zenithian Shield as an item at the beginning of nearly every battle, it reflects spells back on their caster.

Zenithian Sword tip:
Once the Dragon Master has blessed the Zenithian Sword, use it to cause enemies to loose their special spell protections (makes their spells wear off).

List of cursed weapons and armor:
Demon Hammer - Power: +70 - Effect: Is difficult to use
Multi-Edge Sword - Power: +99 - Effect: May turn on the user
Sword of Decimation - Power: +120 - Effect: Has power of betrayal

Zombie Mail - Power: +49 - Effect: Lowers the wearer's HP
Demon Armor - Power: +60 - Effect: Will take away all agility from the wearer
Mask of Corruption - Power: +200 - Effect: Can inflict insanity on the wearer

Warning for the item shop in the town south of Lakanaba In Chapter 3, the town south of Lakanaba is Foxville. The Item shop may seem to have some good deals, but don't buy them. The Broad Sword for 10 GP is really a Cypress Stick, and the Medical Herb for 8 GP is really a Gum Pod.

Geting experience at the end:
At the last refuge, fill up with life and magic. Go back into the last cave and build up experience for Necresaro. There are many metal babbles and king metal slimes in here and if you find and kill them they give loads of experience points.

Get the Sword of Malice:
In Chapter three (Taloon the arms merchant) you would normally think the Abacus of Virtue is the most powerful weapon with a power of +35. But there is a way to get the Sword of Malice with +45. All you have to do is go work in the Lakanaba weapons shop until someone sells the Sword of Malice. As soon as that happens quit and then buy it for 3500GP!

Get money in Chapter 5:
The fastest way to get money in Chapter 5 is to go to Stanteem castle. There you will find an enemy called a "Mystic Doll" (they look like a pink statue). They aren't worth much experience, but their worth 300GP each! This is a good tip if you want to buy the 15,000GP Metal Babble Armor at Endor.

Where is the Fire Claw?
The fire claw is in basement of Gardenbur. Behind a stair, go up in this stair when you go down, it's black, north of the stair open the door in the north and go to the basement where you'll find it.

Win free coins for the casino:
When you get all of the characters in the game, go back to the cave connecting Braca and Endor and travel through it a couple times. If you're lucky you'll hear music as if you have just won at the casino. A screen will pop up saying "Congratulations you're the 5000 person to go through this tunnel, etc, etc." You'll win free coins for the casino!

Where to find the small medals:
This is a list of where to find the small medals, and how many medals you can find at the place.

On the ship in Konenber, 1
Zenithian Tower, 1
Dire Palace, 2
Gottside, 1
Gardenbur Castle, 1
Endor, 1
Zenithia Castle, 1
Final Cave, 1
Den of Gigademon, 1
Necrosaro's Palace, 1
Riverton, 1
Mintos, 1
Cave Southeast of Gardenbur, 1
Old Man's Island, 1
Royal Crypt, 1
Shrine of Breaking Waves, 2
Cascade Cave, 1
Seaside Village, 1
On the NEW ship in Konenber, 1
Cave West of Kievs, 1
Stancia Castle, 2
Branca Castle, 1
Shrine of Colossus, 1
Aktemto Mine, 2
Haville, 2
Shrine East of Mintos, 1

Get better weapons in the Cave of the Silver Statuette:
In the Cave of the Silver Statuette don't open any of the treasure chests other than the Statuette chest. In chapter 5, there will be excellent weapons for the new hero in the chests.

Lots of gold and infinite casino chips:
Save your game just before you go into the third chapter. Then, enter in this Game Genie Code: LNUOLONY. Go to the third chapter and now you will have the Final Key in your inventory. The first thing you should do is go below the weapon shop you work at and open the door there to get an Ice Blade Sword. Now, play the game normally until you get to Endor. Buy your store as normal, but when you get 15000 Gold from selling, go to the secret shop in Endor by unlocking some doors in Endor. You should then buy the Metal Babble Armor. Sell this to the guy who works at Bonmalmo Castle collecting armor. You should sometimes be able to get 99,999 gold from him! Use this money to buy the tunnel and to buy weapons and casino chips to carry over to the other chapters. Also, with this code, it is possible to get infinite casino chips.

Game Genie codes

YAVATGSL Get 999 hit points when you get hurt and 999 magic points when you use magic.
UULEAT You get 99,999 gold when you buy something.

_________start's with________ Enter three codes and you will have all 3 items. You can also enter only one or two of the codes.
?= I some how ended up with two codes for the item, so one might be for some other item.

1 2 3
**KPLON* + **KPION* + **KPGON* Ragnar, Chapter 1
**KOZON* + **LOLON* + **KPGON* Alena, Chapter 2
**UPLON* + **UPGON* + **UPION* Brey, Chapter 2
**OOLON* + **OOGON* + **OOION* Cristo, Chapter 2
**UOLON* + **UOGON* + **UOION* Taloon, Chapter 3
**XPLON* + **XPGON* + **XPION* Nara, Chapter 4
**XOPON* + **XOZON* + **XOLON* Mara, Chapter 4
**OPION* + **OPGON* + **OPLON* Your player, Chapter 5

LN Y Final Key
YK N Metal Babble Helm
GV Y Lifeforce Nuts
GK Y Zenithian Sword?
GO Y Zenithian Sword?
IK Y Metal Babble Shild
AU N Swordedge Armor
YO N Metal Babble Armor
LV Y Luck Seed
AS Y Metroite Armband
YU Y Zenithian Armor
PX Y Zenithian Sword
LS N Dew of World Tree
YV Y Lamp of Darkness
YS Y Leaf of World tree
YV N Symble of Faith
ZV Y Agility Seed
ZV N Stone of Drought
AN N Royal Scroll
LU Y Metal Babble Sword?
TX N Metal Babble Sword?
TN N Padequie Seed
PY Y Strength Seed?
PV Y Strength Seed?
IN N Gas Canister
IN Y Bird Seed Nectar
IY Y Mystic Acorns
GS N Flute of Uncovering
IS N Sphere of Silence
TV Y Mirror of Ra
TV N Treasure Map
PV N Small Medal
ZN N Boarding Pass
GE N Abacus of Virtue
LE Y Magic Key
PN Y Thief's Key
GN Y Lunch
IO N Staff of Antimagic
YN Y Prienceses Letter
YS N Sandglass Regression
PN N Gum Pad
AV N Staff of Transform
AV Y Sage's Stone
AN Y Gun Powder Jar
AE N Silver Tarot Cards
LN N Padequia Root
PU Y Pink Leotard


YAIAGG In towns you can walk through trees. Outside you can
walk through mountains and water. When out side, you can go to
other places, but you can only go in other towns and castles.
You can't get treasure chests.
ZAIALK You can walk through everything but grass. So you
can't leave towns the normal way. In the Castle Town of Burland
for example, you must go in the castle and find a way out of
the town from there. You can't get treasure chests. Once you
leave a town or castle, you can't get back in. Outside you can
walk on grass and mountains.
PAIALG You can walk through everything!! But you can't get
treasure chests or go in any castles, towns or any other
places once you go outside.
YAIATG Everything but grass and houses are black. From the
Castle Town of Burland, walk out of the town, walk left, right
or down and you warp to the Great Keeleon castle.
NYAPYE Ragnar starts with the Gun Powder Jar, Zenithian Sword,
Full Plate Armor, Staff of Healing, Staff of Thunder,
Iron Helmet, Sphere of Silence, and Iron Spear. (Don't
look at the Item screen until after you save the game
and take the code out.)
NYAPYA Ragnar starts with two Cypress Sticks, Mirror of Ra,
FINAL KEY, Leather Dress, Full Moon Herb, Wayfarer's
Clothes, and Cloak of Evasion. (Don't try to equip
anything until you save the game and take the code out.)
NYAPGA Ragnar starts with Two Shield of Strength's, and
Lifeforce Nuts, Staff of Healing, Dragon Mail, and
Cypress, PLUS 999 HP, and MP, and 999 max. HP and MP,
255 Strength, 255 Agility, 255 Intelligence, 255 Luck,
257 Attack Power, 171 Vitality, 127 Defence Power, and
1,052,763 Experience Points at Level ?? !!!
NYTXYA The roads and the inside of castles are black, and
there are open treasure chests. But do look in them.
I have found things like seeds, keys, Zenithian Shield
and armor, the Gunpowder Jar, gold, Small Medals and
other stuff.
NYTUYA Walk out of the Castle Town of Burland and you end up
north of Surene Town.
NYTXYA + NYTUYA Now if you put both of those last two codes
together, you get both effects, plus after
battle, you will level up, and get over 50
Strength! If you are lucky, you might go up to Level 99!!
YAZATG In the Castle Town of Burland, most people are gone.
YAGATG In the Castle Town of Burland, some people are gone, plus it
looks like it snowed.
LAPATG In the Castle Town of Burland, there are no trees.
YIIAPG In the Castle Town of Burland, the ground is blue.
YAIAGK In the Castle Town of Burland, there are stairs.
Most blip, but some take you to other parts of the town. Plus
the grass is VERY poisonous, even outside.
YAIAYA In the Castle Town of Burland, everything is just green,
like a jungle. There are no houses or the castle, just
people so you can walk everywhere. Game blips in battle.
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