Чит коды на Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stone (NES)

Hint: Super spin-kick:
Begin game play in two player mode. Position both characters next to each other and execute the circle spin-kick. Both players will lock arms and execute a super kick.

Fighting the witch:
During the final battle with the witch, pick Ronzou and equip him with his Shurikens. When you hit her once with a Ninja star you can make the next hit as soon as she rises if you time it right. Do this until all twenty stars are gone. Next choose Billy and equip him with the nunchuks. If Billy dies, equip Chin with the iron claw. It may be hard but try to nail her with a couple of punches. Use his double kick attack to finish her off, it is easier to do this if you stun her with a standing kick first. Remember to stay as close as you can to be safe from her projectiles. Don't stand too close or else you will be hit when she turns into the fire snake.

Chin trick:
Here is a funny tip you can do on the second stage boss. When Chin comes through the cabin door immediately do a cyclone kick. If done right you will knock him in the air. The conversation between you two will still place he will be talking to you in mid-air.
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