Чит коды на Destiny of an Emperor (NES)

How do you get Zhu Gue Laing?
You have to visit his house three times. First you have to take Xhu Xe to Zhou Cang Castle. He tells you to find Zhu Ge Liang. Then you go to his house and he is not there. His sister/wife? tells you to find him at the first village you were at. (or somewhere else- I don't remember) anyway, go there and he will tell you to go into the house where usually no one is home. Someone there will tell you to his house. Then go to his house and he is sleeping. 'Talk' to him and the game will ask you if you want to wake him up. Say 'NO'. Then the game will pause for 2-3 seconds. Do not press A or you will have to do it again. He will wake up and tell you to meet him at a castle (I forget which) but anyway, go there and he will join you.

How to get the Gemsword
To get the Gemsword, you'll need the gold key which is in the fourth level of the cave between Fan Shui Guan and Itu Luo Guan. Then go to Wang Yun's home in Luo Yang castle. Use the gold key while standing on the mark in the room. The Gemsword will appear there.

Qing Zhou Castle tip
The fortress of Qing Zhou Castle is very difficult to take unless you sneak attack the rear, to do this you must: Find and recruit the general "Han Zhung", then enter the cave behind the castle, put Han Zhang in the lead and talk to the bridge builder. He will let you cross the bridge into the rear of the castle, from there it's an easy win against three generals.

Get Lu Bu
The castle of Yang Zhou is guarded by Lu Bu, the strongest general in the game. You can get Lu Bu to defect to your army if you give him the gemsword, to get the gemsword: First get the gold key in the cave between Fan Shui Guan and Hu Lao Guan it is on the fourth level. Then go to Wang Yun's home in Lou Yang Castle, use the gold key on the mark in the room, you will receive the gemsword. Next, when fighting Lu Bu give him the gemsword, it make take a few try's but he will accept and join your group, thus leaving four generals to defend Yang Zhou castle.

Warlords tip
I suggest that prior to having all five tigers as warriors in your party you should have an extra strategist on hand to put in the battle lineup. This way you have a warlord that does more damage with his tactics, and a higher success rate due to his higher intelligence, as soon as you have the 5 tigers both Zhao Yun, and Guan Yu have high intelligence so they will suffice for

The warlords with the highest intelligence tend to have the highest success rate and do the most damage when it comes to tactics, therefore I find it's best to keep a second strategist in the battle lineup who can do a lot of damage with tactics.

Tactics, their effects and the cost to use them:
cost name effect area of effect

4 Wuo Jian protection from fire. All
2 Lian Huo nice beginning fire attack. 1 person
3 *Shui Tu water attack 1 person
3 Chi Xin recovery magic 1 person
5 Cheng Nei castle defense All
4 Qi Shou agility up 1 person
4 Ye Hou more powerful than Lian Huo 1 person
3 *Shui Jian protection from water. All
6 *Shui Xing water attack 1 person
6 Yan Re same as Ye Huo All
5 Tong Xian recovery magic 1 person
5 Jie ce stops magic All
8 *Shui Lei Ye Huo water attack. 1 person
10 Yin Xian recovery magic for all All
6 Fu Bing gain hidden attackers 1 person
5 Ji Rou raise defense All
5 Yi Xin makes enemy distrust allies 1 person
10 Bei Ji increase attack power 1 person
8 Da Re super fire attack 1000+dmg 1 person
10 Wan Fu Recover all h.p. 1 person
7 Ji Mian stops enemy tactics All
5 Tui Lu escape from enemy All
6 Gui Huan retreat to Lui Bei All
17 **Ce Mian the effects of the enemys
tactics were off All
12 Huo Shen fire attack 1000+dmg All
15 *Shui Long water attack 1000-3000dmg All
4 Jin Xian recovery magic.
more powerful Yin Xian All
12 *Hong Shui Da re water attack. All
10 An Sha take enemy generals head
Fatal attack. 1 person
*needs water
**very powerful tactic, used to stop enemy from using Wan Fu.
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