Чит коды на Conquest of The Crystal Palace (NES)

Sound test
Hold Select and press A + B at the title screen. Use the D-pad to select a song and press A to play the current selection.

Cheat mode
Press Select + A, release both buttons, then press Select + B at the title screen. Repeat these entries until a sound is played to confirm correct code entry. Begin game play and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Get the Moon Mirror:
In the second level, start playing until you get to the section (just after you fight the evil boy & his dog) with those annoying bubbles, the ones with the faces on them. Jump on the chandelier, and onto the other side. Go up the stairs, and talk Kim (The sales girl). Buy a weapon, unless you already have one, OR, buy a dog whistle. and leave the store. When you get back to the playing field, there will be 3-4 holes in front of you. Jump into the last one and fight the guardian. Use the Weapon, or use the dog whistle by pressing up. Beat him senseless and he will fly away. Then sit back and the Princess will give you a moon mirror. But, be WARNED! YOU WILL LOSE IT WHEN YOU GET A "GAME OVER" (EVEN IF YOU DO CONTINUE)!

Temporary invincibility - Hold Select and press Right.
More gold - Hold Select and press Left.
Jumping Shoes - Hold Select and press Up.
Full life - Hold Select and press Down.
More lives (up to 99) - Hold Select and press Up/Right.
Power-up weapon - Hold Select and press Down/Left.
Moon Mirror - Hold Select and press Up/Left.
Zap energy - Hold Select and press Down/Right.
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