Чит коды на Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse (NES)

Ten lives - Enter HELP ME as a name.
Expert mode - Enter AKAMA as a name.
Start with Alucard - Enter OKUDA as a name.
Start with Sypha - Enter URATA as a name.
Start with Grant - Enter FUJIMOTO as a name.

Sound test
Hold A + B and press Start(2) during the opening sequence. Press Up or Down to choose a song, B to play a selection, and A to stop.

Level Character Password
A-01 Alucard -H--H-----H-CC-H
A-01 Grant ----W----WC-CC-C
A-01 Sypha -H-WH----W--CC-H
A-01 Trevor ---WH----WW-CC-C
2-1 Sypha WW-W-C-WC-W----H
3-01 Grant C--W-H-H--W-----
4-0A Sypha CC-W-H--H-------
5-0H Sypha -C-W------W-WW-C
5-06 Alucard HW---C-HC-----W-
6-01 Alucard -C--H-----C-WH-C
6-0A Sypha -C-WC----W--CW-H
6-0A Trevor -W-W--------CW-C
7-01 Alucard -H-------WH-CH-H
7-0A Sypha -WH---CW-W-CC-W-
7-0A Trevor --W---CW---WH---
8-01 Sypha -WC---CC-W-HH---
8-01 Trevor -WW---CC-W-HC---
9-01 Sypha -C-WH----W--WC-C
9-01 Trevor ----W-----W-WC-H

H: Heart
C: Cross
W: Whip

Enter your name as erik then input the following:
You'll be at the end of the game all alone with just your whip.

Red Tower 1up(After the Ship stage if you went that way):
Just before the second door, you'll see two spiked spinning platforms. Spin the one closest to the left wall without falling through. Fall thru the second one and you'll have a safe jump to the lower left corner, where a 1up is hidden in the wall.

Boss tips

Cyclops Strategy: When running away from it, jump as you go to prevent him from charging you.

Skull Knight King (the second one, NOT the one on the first level):
It will only take damage when you hit it while one of his bones is flying around. Stand in the lower right and keep whipping it. The bones won't hit you as much if you stay here.

Grim Reaper: Throw boomerangs at him while whipping the flying projectiles. When he's in a corner, each boomerang will hit him twice. Against the giant head that appears when he dies, stay on the left and use the blocks to jump over it when necessary.

"Evil Twin" Boss: When you transform into your 'spirit' partner, it has to turn into the same person. As it reforms, you have a clear shot. You have to be quick about changing back and forth though. It takes a while, but it's the safest way to beat him.

Final Boss: For the first two forms of Dracula, just whip as fast as you can. To avoid the shots from the third form, stay four blocks from the right, so the ground won't pick you up, and dodge to the right when he fires at you. Just use axes to hit him in the head.

Clock tower trick
This trick only works when you have the pirate when you first fight him and beat him you have to go back down the clock tower on the first stairway when you must be Simon and reach the far bottom of it (when Simon's feet are together and look like they are off the bottom of the screen) you do not have to keep holding down when doing this just make sure it is the far bottom. When it is the far bottom, press select to change into the pirate before you reach the next level. You then go back up. Then (if it worked) that the stairway will be lengthened past its appearance and will become invisible keep walking up the stairs and see what happens all sorts of strange worlds if you try going back down the stairs it will be even stranger it also works on the pirate ship stage, first stairway and the jumping toad stage, first stairway (this ones the best) once it warped me.

Game Genie codes:
To get the Game Genie screen to come on, turn on the NES, then press Start. Any time after that, quickly turn the power off and then back on.

SXPAOO Infinite Lives
SXYAPO Infinite time, good only for a high score at the end of the Level
VNLZPA Try walking, and you can't always get things
VPLLTG Whip hits any thing that is up to eight blocks away from you,
even behind you
SOTLYK Takes twice as many hits for enemies, not bosses
SXPAKO The background is very different
SXIAOO Less time. It looks like more, but keep playing.
NYZAGA Warp to the VERY end of the game
SXGAPO There are less candles than normal where the screen
goes from left to right
SXGAAO There are more candles than normal where the screen
goes from left to right
SXIAPO There are no candles where the screen goes from left
to right
SXPPZO There are more candles, up and down, and left and right
scrolling screens
SXIAIO Candles are in the form of enemies, and you running
(The candle enemies don't hurt you, but the very first candle
in the first level will blip if you run into it. You can get it
with the whip and items
SXPZIO If you get a whip, you can't hit anything after that
NYPZPA Small hearts fly to the right, and there are more candles
NYPZAA Small hearts disappear

**ZOGG Find a ________ at the start of Level 1
TO 1up
NX Clock
OX Sacred Water
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