Чит коды на Castlevania (NES)

Location of money bags and treasure:

Level 1:
In the section with the water, break the far right block and kneel on the one below it. A money bag will appear.
When you first enter the game, walk left until you reach the door. Normally the door pulls you in. If you jump the door a money bag will appear on the other side. Remember to jump over the door again.

Level 2:
On the first screen, climb the stairs, break the wall on the right, and enter the space that is created. A crown will appear.

Level 2 (Second part, just after the Medusa heads disappear):
Stand on the pair of blocks that are slightly above the rest for a few seconds without kneeling. A treasure chest will appear.

Level 3 (First part):
After climbing the stairs, go to the right edge of the lowest level of blocks and kneel. A money bag will appear.

Level 3 (Second part):
After climbing the stairs, kneel above the pair of blocks that are not reachable for a money bag.

Stage 3 part 3:
When you enter the mummy room don't hit the bottom block (chicken). Instead of this, jump on the second block at the upper left of the chicken block then try to move on your left (hold left button) like you to push the otter block face to you and a inaccessible bag will appear at left under the bridge.

Stage 5 part 1:
After destroying the 4th white skeleton since the start, continue moving right until you stop by the wall. Hold right for few seconds and a 1up will appear at the bottom of the stairs. (probably the only 1up of the game)

Stage 5 part 2:
Before encounter the last axe man, jump on the very high blocks on the left and jump on the two blocks below at the right. A 1000 points bag will appear under the two blocks.

Stage 6 part 2:
After you have collect the chicken in the upper floor, go downstairs and immediately jump on the horizontal gear on the right, crouch the player a little right of the center of the gear. A 1000 points bag will appear at the right.

After you have beaten the game and restart:

Stage 1 Out of the castle:
Crouch at the second statue: 1000 points bag + the one obtain with jumping over the door = 2000 points out of the castle.

Stage 2 part 2:
Where you have to jump on the first moving ledge. While you get on this ledge, a 4000 points rotating treasure appear on the ground below.

There are also many double-tipple shots hidden in new blocks.

On the very first part when you are walking down the road to the castle entrance, when you reach the door, jump over it and land on the other side. This will reveal a hidden money bag.

Hint: Passing the bats on level 6:
To get past the bats, walk past the first two, freeze the third with the clock in the nearby candle, jump over the fourth, and run quickly past the last candle. Note: This only works if you do not stop to whip any candles other than the one with the clock in it. Simple run as fast as possible.

Boss tips:
Battling the bat. Use the axe to kill him which can be found above the steps to the left, or jump onto the block and use your whip. To kill the Medusa use your whip or dagger but it is even easier using the fire bomb. If you have a clock use it to freeze her hair. To kill mummy Madness use the dagger, fire bomb, or boomerang. To kill Frankenstein, use fire bombs, but kill Igor first with the knife. To kill Dracula use the whip when his cape is open, and to kill his spirit use fire bombs.

Stage 1 Boss: Throw axes at him and use the Double-Shot in the block at the bottom of the stairs for extra firepower.

Bosses 2 and 3: Use Fire Bombs from a distance. For the Mummies, don't collect the meat in the bricks below you unless you need it, as you will be unable to climb back up.

Stage 4 Boss: Get used to avoiding the fireballs to survive! Hit the jumping hunchback to freeze him for a few seconds and hit the monster as fast as possible. Repeat.

Stage 5 Boss: Get Triple-Shot Boomerangs! Here's how: Get the Boomerang and bring it into the red-draped room full of Axe Men and Medusa Heads. Use the Boomerang on the axe-men (stop throwing to whip incoming axes and heads) and double and triples will appear either in the heads, axes
or candles. Having done that, when the screen stops scrolling, start jumping and throwing Boomerangs to the right where the Reaper will first appear. This will give you a good start. Whip the incoming projectiles that come your way and keep shooting.

Final Boss: Against the Count, stand 3 or 4 blocks away from where he appears and jump straight up and whip his head. Make sure you finish him off near one side of the screen. This will give you some extra room to fight the monster he turns into. You can freeze him with Fire Bombs to buy yourself some time and just keep whipping him. You should have him beat before he reaches the other side of the screen.

Game Genie codes:
SKPPAG - Jump to freeze enemy. Some times the game pauses and unpauses and brings the candles back.
YIKVTS - Gives you a super whip that demolishes bosses!!
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