Чит коды на California Games (NES)

Easy BMX points:
Note: This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. Begin a BMX race and intentionally move slowly. Hold B while turbo is enabled to quickly bounce the bike up and down to accumulate points.

Quick BMX stopping:
Press Select to quickly stop your bike.

BMX special moves:
Press Back or press Jump + D-pad to perform special moves.

More points and a longer run:
In the roller skating event, it's smart to slow down and avoid obstacles. Patience will produce more points and a longer run than reckless skating.

Surfing tip:
On the surfing event, keep doing small jumps to build up speed until the clock reads about a minute remaining, use only the first angle jumps, when the clock is down to about a minute make a tight turn and make a small jump going towards the wave. make a tight turn for a quick recovery (NOTE: Your guy will be off the screen for a sec so be prepared) Practice and pull it off well and the judges will make note of it. It pays off good.
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