Чит коды на Blades Of Steel (NES)

No goalies
Hold A + B and press Start on both controllers.

Intermission control
After the end of the second period, an intermission with two spaceships may appear. You can control the smaller ship and shoot down the larger ship.

Hint: Easy victories:
After getting a good lead, allow the CPU to score. Then, take the puck behind your goal. The CPU players will not be able to get it. Simply allow the clock to run out for an easy win.
When leading the score with only a short amount of time, try skating around in circles in your own end. Your opponent should not be able to get the puck before the clock runs out.

Easily score a goal:
When playing, try to fight two of the opposite team and beat them. If you beat them, you will easily score a goal, because it is a 5 on 3. Once you score beat up another guy and get another 5 on 3. You can easily win this way.

Team hints:
Each of the eight teams are different. Here's the rundown:

New York: Well Balanced
Chicago:Great speed, but no standout shooter
Los Angeles: Fairly fast and aggressive - heavy duty checking!
Montreal: Strong with speed, and a break-away offense. Aggressive.
Toronto:Great offense, but weak defense.
Edmonton: Break-away offense and good speed
Vancouver: Great Shooting!
Minnesota: Good skating and precision

Win the Face-off:
You can usually win the face-off if you press A rapidly just before the ref yells, "Face-off!"

Game Genie codes:
POLXPA Opponents goalie is always out of your way!
ASTOZP When you bump into an opponent he goes flying.
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