Чит коды на Baseball Stars (NES)

Super men's team:
Enter the team selection screen. The pointer should be at the top left corner. Press Down, Right, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up. The "Balanced Team" should now be selected, and your team name will change to "WHEN ISNT IT?". Change the team name to WHEN IT IS. (including the period).

Super women's team:
Select the "Make Team" option from the main menu. Then, press Down, Right, Left, Down(2), Right, Up(2), Down, Up, Down, Up. The "Veterans" team should be highlighted. Press A to change your team name to "WHAT IS A WREN?". Change the name to A BIRD. (including the period). The name will change again to "WHEN ISNT IT?". Change the name to WHEN IT IS. (including the period).

Pitchers with 80 ability on the pitching:
To get all pitchers with 80 ability on the pitching. Find pitchers with 75 on the pitching side and no prestige. Fill all the pitching abilities first then fill the prestige up from the batting abilities.

Earn more money:
Go up against the Lovely Ladies when building up your team. Beating high-prestige teams will earn you more $$$ for powering up your team.

Enter "JAELECO" as your password to win the Pennant easily.

Game Genie codes:

OOTVLL - Crazy field
PPTNLL - Will also work.

Do not throw to first base as the ball will go for an error which nether you or the computer can go get. If you have a player that is capable of consistently hitting homeruns, also enter TEKINA. This allows only one contact per inning.

So bat you power hitter first. If you strike out with out making contact with the ball (a foul ball is an out) the number two hitter comes up and he will bat for the rest of the game or until he strikes out. These games also go very fast.

You can beat just about anybody by combining the codes and holding onto the ball on defense.

VEGINE - After the first that computer gets on you, the computer keeps throwing the ball around. Must reset as computer keeps throwing the ball around.
EKISVE - Base runners erased. It is like the at bat was skipped. The pitcher will throw from the wind-up after every hit. Enter the six letters on the bottom and left of the Game Genie screen to have a hit by pitch give you a run.
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