Чит коды на Bard's Tale (NES)

Get into Mangers Tower with out a crystal key:

You can get into mangers tower through the sewers so you don't need a crystal key. When fighting manger, with the flame horn, sing luckrarien (you must have a bard to do this) this will disable mangers magic cause if you don't, he'll keep casting restoration which will refill all his life and you'll never defeat him. When you find a ?ring, identify it, its a squelch ring, use it on the white dragons, it will squash them instantly otherwise, there very difficult to defeat. you can only get to level 32 with all party members. use the spell "create figureine" (wizard's level 4 magic), it will make dolls out of enemies and you can sell them at garth equipment shoppe for 1000 gold each.
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