Чит коды на Arkanoid (NES)

Level select
Hold Start + A + B at the title screen. Release the buttons when the desired level is displayed. Alternatively, hold A + Select at the title screen.

Level skip
Hold A + Start to jump to the next level. Note: This is only effective during the first sixteen levels.

255 lives
Enter NYOPUGLE as a password.

Continue game play
Hold A + B and press Select(5), Start before the game over screen appears to resume game play at the last level played with a score of zero.

Game Genie codes
AEYZOP See blocks that have been destroyed
GKIZZN Mega fast ball
POIZZY Fast ball that demo can handle
AEIZZN Fast ball you can handle
IIZZIG Different colors
SOTUVA Door on side is always open
OPEEIO Items fall through you
EAEEIO Items fall through you & ship will not explode
LKEEIP Demo plays for you
LXEEIP Demo plays for you except on levels 10,20,30
ZXEEIO Demo plays for you on a few levels
XTSPEE Black background and blocks
VVZZPP Square ball
AEIEEI No points can be scored in the game
AISXXL Extra invisible blocks
YYAXXX Major points and speed
STPOOO Ball goes through all blocks

NYOPUGLE Lots of lives, probably 255

**OONGP* Start on Level______
ZA A 2
LA A 3
GA A 4
IA A 5
TA A 6
YA A 7
AA E 8
PA E 9
ZA E 10
LA E 11
GA E 12
IA E 13
TA E 14
YA E 15
AP A 16
PP A 17
ZP A 18
LP A 19
GP A 20
IP A 21
TP A 22
YP A 23
AP E 24
PP E 25
ZP E 26
LP E 27
GP E 28
IP E 29
TP E 30
YP E 31
AZ A 32
PZ A 33
ZZ A 34
LZ A 35
GZ A Boss
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