Чит коды на Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance (NES)

Game Genie codes

GGLAUP Duplicates items by trading.

For the rest of these codes you will need to enter them in then trade one to each character and save game then turn machine off and start game without codes.

SOLAUN Create super characters
GGLAUN Gives unlimited displacer cloaks to sell
TLGAXL Extra experience
AXLALN 1 hit ends battle 0 exp 0 gp
GYLAUN +3 broadswords
TGLAUN Banded mail
ZLLAUN +2 battle-ax
XGLAUN Girdle of giant strength (must be"USED" to be effective). Try selling the items in the shop, they never get sold but you still get the money.
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