Чит коды на Abadox (NES)

Press A(2), Up, B(2), Down, A, B, Start at the credits screen.

View end game sequence
Press A(2), Up, B(2), Down, A, B(2), Start at when the phrase "Press Start" appears.

Level select
Press Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down and one of the following buttons at the credits screen.

Level Button
2 Up
3 Left
4 Down
5 Right
6 Select
7 B

See the ending
After pushing Start on the Title screen, press A, A, Up, B, B, Down, A, B, B and Start to see the ending.

Hint: Defeating the robot Boss:
Position yourself in the safe location near where the beams are shooting from the left side of the screen.
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