Чит коды на A Boy and His Blob (NES)

Unlimited jellybeans
Use the honey jellybean over fifty times.

Hint: Easy Blobolonia cornfield:
Start running and throw the coconut approximately one screen before the start of the cornfields to transform Blobert into a coconut that will roll through and smash the kernals.

Hint: Cherries:
Shoot the cherries that fall with the Vita-Blaster and vitamin C.

Have a brick wall Blob
Feed the Blob a Honey jelly bean. Then, while he's changing, quickly toss a Ketchup jelly bean in the other direction. You'll have a brick wall Blob.

Flip the machine switch off
Use your trampoline to jump on top of the giant candy cane at the top of the room. Walk to the right and flip the machine switch to off. This works for both machines.

Run back onto the cliff
Get a running start. Then, when you're near a cliff, simply let go of the control pad. The Boy slides. If he slides off the cliff, you'll be able to make him run back onto the cliff, or if you want him to look down and fall, don't touch the control pad at all.
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